Advancing Management of Homeland Security: Managing Intergovernmental Relations for Homeland Security

February 2004 - On December 18, 2003, Academy Fellow Jonathan Breul, Director of Federal Management and Performance at IBM Business Consulting Services, moderated a forum on Managing Intergovernmental Relations for Homeland Security.

A Panel of eleven distinguished Academy Fellows met with six high-level officials of the Department of Homeland Security. The forum's objective was to advise them and Secretary Tom Ridge on the Department's impending roll out of its intergovernmental relations (Part I of this report) and regional office (Part II of this report) initiatives. The discussion of intergovernmental issues provides the context for the subsequent discussion of regional office structures.

Key Findings

The Academy Panel recommended that the Department of Homeland Security clarify outcomes, enhance existing networks, engage stakeholders in decision making, and create incentives for collaboration and partnerships.