Off-Shoring: What Are Its Effects?

January 2007 - The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies mandated this study in response to growing concerns about the loss of American jobs overseas.

NASA: Balancing a Multisector Workforce to Achieve a Healthy Organization

February 2007 - NASA is undergoing a fundamental mission shift that will require the agency to adopt a knowledge-based, data-driven strategy to better align its workforce, according to an Academy Panel report released today. The report includes practical tools to help NASA ensure a flexible, optimally sized, and appropriately skilled workforce.

Preparing for Catastrophe: Management Review of the Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Program

June 2007 - The Small Business Association’s Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA) is the agency element that responds to disasters and administers the Disaster Assistance Program by providing low interest loans and working capital to homeowners, renters, businesses and nonprofit organizations that have been devastated by disaster. Based on concerns with SBA’s response in wake of the 2005 Gulf Coast storms, Congress asked the Academy to conduct a management review of SBA’s Disaster Assistance Program that focused on the Program’s experiences over the last decade and on the agency’s efforts and actions following the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Budgeting for the U.S. Judiciary: Preparing for the Future

June 2007 - The Judiciary exerts the greatest influence on congressional budgeting decisions by presenting its case for annual appropriations and detailing the methods it uses to manage its financial resources. Funding the Judiciary at adequate levels presents a challenge to appropriators, given a capped congressional budget process designed to ensure that the entire federal government’s missions be underwritten and a given appropriation subcommittee’s purview.