Back to the Future: A Review of the National Historic Preservation Program

December 2007 - The Academy was asked to conduct an independent review of the National Historic Preservation program for the National Park Service. The National Historic Preservation program is not a traditional “program,” but a continually evolving partnership among state and local governments, tribes, property owners and the private sector, working in concert with the National Park Service, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and other federal agencies.

Office of Environmental Management: Managing America’s Defense Nuclear Waste

December 2007 - In 1989, the Office of Environmental Management (EM) was established within the Department of Energy (DoE) to lead a multibillion-dollar, decades-long effort to clean up dangerous materials and take other actions to protect the environment and the health of communities near these sites. Expressing concern about shortcomings in federal oversight, control and accountability, repeated cost and schedule overruns, and numerous challenges to contract awards, the Senate and House Appropriations Committees asked the National Academy to undertake a management review of the EM Program.

A Green Compass: Institutional Options for Developing a National System of Environmental Indicators

December 2007 - Top officials of five federal environmental and natural resource agencies asked the National Academy to assist an interagency team in examining institutional changes needed to facilitate selection and regular production of a national set of environmental indicators that are reliable, relevant and trusted. The Academy Panel provided guidance and advice to the federal team charged with designing and evaluating relevant institutional options.