Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's National Contact Center: Changing Technology, Changing Business Practices

January 2007 - The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requested assistance from the National Academy of Public Administration to develop a framework for optimizing its organizational structure and developing a strategic human capital plan.

Key Findings and Recommendations

One of the three primary recommendations offered in the Academy's report urged EEOC to implement a toll-free National Contact Center (NCC) staffed by trained individuals to take charges (complaints of alleged discrimination) over the phone and respond to questions about EEOC's mission and services. A second study, conducted by EEOC, also recommended the establishment of a call center and the outsourcing of the center's start-up.

While the initial planning and implementation efforts were successful in getting the NCC started, it is clear that several things could have been done better:

  • The Agency could have made a better business case for the NCC. The efforts to apprise stakeholders, especially employees, needed more focus and attention.
  • The Agency focus on what was actually taking place after the NCC got off the ground needed more attention and resources.
  • When problems were identified in the early stages, remedial actions were not aggressively pursued.