Enabling Collaboration: Three Priorities for the New Administration

January 2009 - During his campaign, President Obama spoke frequently of the importance of bringing about change "from the bottom up."

"We need," he said, "a new collaborative model to create a government that is agile, transparent, and responsive enough to bring citizens’ ideas and priorities directly into the process of governance." To this end, President Obama issued a directive on his first full day in office to begin this process. This report presents recommendations for a new operating model of government that prioritizes transparency and openness. Three challenges inhibit the creation of a truly collaborative government at the federal level: (1) an outdated 20th-century technology approach; (2) an inability to relate data to information, and information to decision making; and (3) a culture that inhibits collaboration.

Key findings

This report concluded that three recommendations will help President Obama’s technology and collaboration advisors overcome the Administration’s challenges to collaborative government: (1) create an open technology environment; (2) treat data as a national asset; and (3) foster a culture and framework of collaboration.