Achieving and Sustaining Transformation at the U.S. Census Bureau

March 2015 - The Census Bureau has initiated organizational changes intended to improve its ability to provide quality data while enabling it to anticipate and readily adapt to future needs. The Census Bureau requested that the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) conduct an independent assessment and recommend practical actions needed to increase the likelihood that its transformation will be successful and sustained.

The Academy convened an expert Panel of five Fellows, chaired by Janice Lachance, with vast experience in the federal government, private sector, and academia. The Panel utilized its knowledge of organizational change management in its assessment of the Census Bureau’s efforts, providing the Bureau with pragmatic recommendations as the agency continues its transformation.

Key Findings and Recommendations

During its six-month study, the Panel identified 16 recommendations concerning the Census Bureau’s transformation. The Academy Panel’s report provides practical recommendations focusing on key elements associated with effective organizational change in the areas of planning, communication, governance, matrix management, resource allocation, institutionalizing innovation, and workforce planning. The recommendations are intended to increase the likelihood that these organizational changes will be successful and sustained.