Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Making government work, and work for all.

Our Mission

Through its trusted and experienced leaders, the Academy improves the quality, performance, and accountability of governments in the nation and the world. To this end, the Academy's Congressional Charter calls on it to:

  1. Evaluate the structure, administration, operation, and program performance of governments; anticipate, identify, and analyze significant problems; and suggest timely corrective action;
  2. Foresee and examine critical issues in governance; and formulate practical approaches to their resolution;
  3. Assess the effectiveness, structure, administration, and implications for governance of present or proposed public programs, policies, and processes; and recommend specific changes;
  4. Advise on the relationship of federal, state, regional, and local governments; increase public officials', citizens', and scholars' understanding of requirements and opportunities for sound governance and how these can be effectively met;
  5. Demonstrate by the conduct of its affairs a commitment to the highest professional standards of ethics and scholarship; and
  6. Investigate, experiment, and report upon any subject of government whenever called upon by Congress or the federal government.