Transition 2016

The Academy's Transition 2016 initiative is designed to advise the incoming 2016 Presidential Administration on effective management improvement initiatives; identifying and overcoming government management challenges; and identifying key Presidentially-appointed agency management positions.

This initiative will be led jointly by Academy Fellows Ed DeSeve, a former official during the Obama and Clinton Administrations, and David Chu, a former official during the Reagan and both Bush Administrations. The Academy will also be working with the American Society for Public Administration in offering management recommendations and trusted advice to build a more agile, responsive, and resilient government.


Specifically, Transition 2016 will:

  • Advise potential Presidential Administrations on which management improvement initiatives have worked, which haven't, and where gaps in current management improvement initiatives may exist;
  • In partnership with the American Society for Public Administration, conduct studies and produce other content through the Advising Leaders project that represent the most advanced thinking on the government’s management challenges and how to overcome them; and 
  • Inventory and spotlight, in cooperation with Ernst & Young, LLP, through the Political Appointee Project, those Presidentially-appointed positions most critical to the improvement of agency and program management and provide insights to new political executives on the challenges of managing in government.  
  • Sponsored by the American University School of Public Affairs, hold a series of public forums to discuss and outline key issues and recommendations regarding critical issues facing the incoming Presidential Administration, including cybersecurity, accountability, and professionalism in government.

The Academy, a congressionally-chartered institution comprised of more than 800 Fellows who are recognized as leaders in public administration, is uniquely positioned to provide assistance by working with the campaign and transition teams, the new Administration, and Congress on identifying what’s worked and what has not in government management initiatives.

The Academy would like to thank Booz Allen Hamilton for supporting Transition 2016 at the Panel Sponsorship Level, as well as Grant Thornton and Ernst and Young LLP for their continuing contributions to the Academy's transition work. 

Additional thanks goes out to the American University School of Public Affairs, which is supporting the Transition 2016 initiative as a leading academic sponsor, and the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration and the University of Nebraska - Omaha, which are both supporting Transition 2016 as Participating Academic Sponsors. 

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