Our Services and Products


Governing in the 21st century has become increasingly complex. As a nation, we must address a long line of challenges:

  • Getting our fiscal house in order
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public programs
  • Strengthening collaboration across departments and agencies, levels of government, and sectors
  • Recruiting, retaining, and motivating a diverse and high-performing workforce
  • Strengthening the management of information technology
  • Providing appropriate levels of transparency in government operations

The Academy engages in a number of activities that support our goals of improved public administration, including:

  • In-depth studies, analyses and research projects;
  • Online dialogues that engage the government and the public;
  • Advisory services and technical assistance;
  • Forums and conferences;
  • Executive briefings; and
  • Congressional testimony.


The Academy also provides assistance to businesses faced with management and organizational challenges.  The Academy’s experienced fellows have extensive knowledge of how to strengthen management teams and rebuild organizations to provide efficiencies to address the particular needs of the business and improve performance.

 Examples of our activities include:

  • Establishing benchmarks for environmental programs that extend across federal, state and local sectors;
  • Helping federal judiciary agencies create new budget processes;
  • Developing a peer review system for human resource programs at a statewide university;
  • Improving coordination and priority-setting for emergency response across jurisdictions;
  • Hosting an online Dialogue to solicit stakeholder ideas and comments for an agency’s strategic planning process;
  • Creating a management transformation plan for major federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies;
  • Helping policymakers better understand the complex intergovernmental transportation system.
  • Evaluating and recommending approach, priorities, criteria for awarding research contracts and methods for gathering information about needs/requirements from customers in Homeland Security Science and Technology; and
  • Assessing modernization action plans and risk mitigation steps for a branch of the Armed Services.

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