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Shirley S. Chater

(1994) Visiting Professor, Institute for Health and Aging, University of California, San Francisco.

Frank J. Chellino

(2005) - Board Member, National Academy of Public Administration; President and Chief Executive Officer, Langley-Hunt International, Inc.

Daniel J. Chenok

(2011) - Executive Director, Center for The Business of Government at IBM.

Yong Hyo Cho

(1998) - Former Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea.

David S.C. Chu

(1990) - President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Defense Analyses.

Chung-Kil Chung

(2010) - Former Chief of Staff to the President, The Blue House, Republic of Korea.

Beverly A. Cigler

(2006) - Distinguished Professor Emerita of Public Policy and Administration, School of Public Affairs, Penn State at Harrisburg.

Timothy B. Clark

(1992) - Editor At Large, Government Executive Media Group, Atlantic Media.

T. Ross Clayton

(1983) Former positions with University of Southern California.

Julius E. Coles

(2007) - Director, Office of Global Education,  Morehouse College;  Former President, Africare;  Director, Andrew Young Center for International Affairs, Morehouse College; Director, Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center, Howard University.

Nani Coloretti

(2015) - Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

James E. Colvard

(1985) - Presenter, Senior Executive Institute, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, University of Virginia.

Louise K. Comfort

(2006) - Director, Center for Disaster Management and Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs; Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh.

Timothy Conlan

(2004) - University Professor of Government and Politics, Department of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University.

Lawrence S. Cooley

(2008) - Senior Advisor, President Emeritus and Founder, Management Systems International.

Phillip Cooper

(2002) - Professor of Public Administration, Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University.

Terry L. Cooper

(2010) - Maria B. Crutcher Professor of Citizenship and Democratic Values, University of Southern California.

Glen Hahn Cope

(1998) - Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Administration, University of Missouri at St. Louis.

Joseph J. Cordes

(2011) - Professor and Associate Director, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Co-director, Regulatory Studies Center, The George Washington University.

Lewis W. Crenshaw, Jr.

(2011) - President and Founder, Crenshaw Consulting Associates LLC; Managing Director, HJ Steininger, PLLC; Chairman, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation.  

Dan Crippen

(2012) - Executive Director, National Governor's Association.

Douglas A. Criscitello

(2014) - Executive Director, Center for Finance & Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gary L. Cunningham

(2011) -President and CEO, Metropolitan Economic Development Association. *Fellow-Elect

Stanley J. Czerwinski

(2013) - Chief Operating Officer, National Governors Association; Director, Office of Administration & Finance, National Governors Association.  

Patricia Dalton

(2012) - Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Richard Danzig

(1994) - Senior Fellow, Center for Naval Analyses; Vice Chair of Board of Trustees, The RAND Corporation; Member, Defense Policy Board; Member, The President’s Intelligence Advisory Board; Trustee of Reed College; Director, Center for a New American Security; Boardmember, Saffron Hills Ventures.

Roger H. Davidson

(1981) - Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of California at Santa Barbara.

Thomas M. Davis

(2011) - Director, Federal Government Affairs, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Sharon S. Dawes

(2002) - Senior Fellow and Professor Emerita, Center for Technology in Government and Professor Emerita, Department of Public Administration and Policy, State University of New York at Albany.

Manuel Deese

(1983) - Managing Partner, Deese, Hastings & Miller.

Ronald Dellums

(2004) - Former Mayor, City of Oakland; President, Dellums, Bauer and Halterman; Board Chair, Constituency for Africa.

Edward J. Demarco

(2010) - Senior Fellow in Residence, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute. Former positions with Federal Housing Finance Agency: Acting Director; Senior Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer (OFHEO).