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Earl E. Devaney

(2003) - Director, Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development.

John E. Dever

(1982) - Former General Manager, Hacienda Business Park Owners Association, Pleasanton, California.

Gregory C. Devereaux

(2015) - Mr. Devereaux has served in state and local government for more than 35 years, holding various administrative leadership positions in several California cities, including city manager in the cities of Fontana and Ontario. He now serves as Chief Executive Officer for the County of San Bernardino.

Horace L. Dickerson

(2000) - Former positions with Social Security Administration: Regional Commissioner, Dallas Region; Regional Commissioner, Denver Region (Regional Commissioner for Denver and Dallas concurrently).

Diane M. Disney

(1997) - Board Member, National Academy of Public Administration; Professor of Management, Pennsylvania State University.

John J. DiIulio

(2011) - Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society, and Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania.

Gene L. Dodaro

(2000) - Comptroller General of the United States, U.S. Government Accountability Office. 

Kevin Donahue

(2016) - Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice & Deputy City Administrator, District of Columbia.

Norman Dong

(2016) - Managing Director,  FD Stonewater. 

Edwin Dorn

(1994) - Professor and former Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas

Judith Douglas

(2014) - Client Industry Executive, US Public Sector; Hewlett Packard Enterprise .

Thomas M. Downs

(1984) - Chairman, North American Board of Veolia Transportation.

William Drayton

(1985) - Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Fund for Innovation and Public Service; Chairman, Ashoka Society; Chairman, Youth Venture; Chairman and Founder, Get America Working!; Chairman, Environmental Safety.

Melvin J. Dubnick

(2010) - Professor, Political Science, University of New Hampshire and Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University-Newark.

Susan E. Dudley

(2014) - Director, Regulatory Studies Center and Distinguished Professor of Practice Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, The George Washington University. 

Elizabeth M. Duke

(2003) - Senior Lecturer, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland.

William N. Dunn

(2014) - Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh.

Robert Francis Durant

(2006) - Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Administration and Policy, American University.

John R. Dyer

(2005) - President, Vice President, Strategic Board of Directors, StrategicHealthSolutions LLC.

Joseph W. Dyer

(2003) - Chief Strategy Officer, National Spectrum Consortium; Strategist, Leap Second Consulting; Chair, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, NASA.

Carol A. Ebdon

(2013) - Regents/Foundation Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Robert Ebel

(2014) - Consultant, Lead Expert for the Development of e-Learning courses on Intergovernmental Relations and Local Public Financial Management, World Bank; Senior Advisor, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Jim Edgar

(1999) - Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois.

Christopher Edley , Jr.

(1996) - Co-Founder, The Opportunity Institute; Honorable William H. Orrick, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law.

James R. Ellis

(1979) - Retired Senior Partner, Preston, Gates & Ellis; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

David T. Ellwood

(1999) - Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy, and Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Kirk Emerson

(2015) - Professor of Practice, Collaborative Governance School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona; Principal, Kirk Emerson and Associates.

Mark Emmert

(2003) - President, National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Mary Jane England

(1987) - Clinical Professor of Health Law, Policy & Management, School of Public Health,  Boston University. 

Judy England-Joseph

(2011) - Strategic Advisor, Partnership for Public Service; Adjunct Professor,  School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, George Mason University. 

Karen Evans

(2012) - National Director, U.S. Cyber Challenge and  Partner, KE&T Partners, LLC.

Angela M. Evans

(2011) - Dean, Fellow of J. J. "Jake" Pickle Regents Chair in Public Affairs, and Clinical Professor of Public Policy Practice, Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas.