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Alan Beals

(1977) - Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce; Executive Director, National League of Cities; Executive Secretary, Maryland Municipal League; Regional Director, Office of Economic Opportunity.

Enid Beaumont

(1982) - Independent Government Administration Professional; Adjunct Professor, George Mason University and Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Administration.

Robert D. Behn

(1993) - Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Faculty Chair, Driving Government Performance, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Teodoro J. Benavides

(2000) Executive in Residence and Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas.

Frank Benest

(2005) - International City/County Management Association Senior Advisor for Next Generation Initiatives and Co-Chair, Cal-ICMA Coaching Program; Principle, Frank Benest Consulting. 

Don Benninghoven

(1987) - Former positions with the League of California Cities: Executive Director; Manager, Sacramento Headquarters Office; Manager, Southern California Office.

Robert Berenson

(2006) - Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute. Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health, The George Washington University; Adjunct Professor, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

Erik Bergrud

(2013) - Associate Vice President of Constituent Engagement, Park University, Parkville, Missouri.  

Mary Frances Berry

(1978) - Geraldine Segal Professor of American Social Thought and History, University of Pennsylvania.

Frances S. Berry

(2006) - Frank Sherwood Professor of Public Administration and Director, Reubin O. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University.

Anthony M. Bertelli

(2015) - Professor of the Politics of Public Policy, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University.

Catherine Ann Bertini

(2001) - Professor of Public Administration & Chair of International Relations Program, the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University and Senior Fellow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Dale F. Bertsch

(1979) - Professor Emeritus, Department of City and Regional Planning, Ohio State University.

Virginia Trotter Betts

(2003) - President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthFutures Inc.; Professor, Department of Advanced Practice & Doctoral Studies Program, University of Tennessee.

Linda J. Bilmes

(2013) - Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Charles F. Bingman

(1975) - Fellow, Center for the Study of American Government, Johns Hopkins University.

David S. Birdsell

(2015) - Dean, School of Public Affairs, Baruch College, City University of New York; Board Chair, Governance Matters; Board Member, New York Council of Nonprofits; Vice President, NASPAA. 

Mary G.F. Bitterman

(1981) - Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes; Director, Bank of Hawaii; Director, Bay Area Council Economic Institute; Director, Commonwealth Club of California; Director, Hawaii Community Foundation; Chair, PBS Foundation Board. 

Jan Hart Black

(1996) Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce; 

J. Kenneth Blackwell

(2002) - Visiting Professor, Liberty University School of Law; Senior Fellow, Family Research Council; Reagan Distinguished Fellow, Buckeye Institute.

Anita Blair

(2015) - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense,  Civilian Personnel Policy, U.S. Department of Defense.

Dan G. Blair

(2008) - President and Chief Executive Officer, National Academy of Public Administration.

Edward J. Blakely

(2001) - Consultant, Blakelyglobal; Professor of Urban Policy, United States Studies Center, University of Sydney.

Robert L. Bland

(2012) - Endowed Professor of Local Government, Department of Public Administration, University of North Texas.  

Nanette M. Blandin

(2001) - Associate Principal, Isaacson, Miller, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Science, George Washington University and President, The Nexus Institute.

Ralph C. Bledsoe  

(1984) - Former Assistant Archivist for Policy and IRM and Assistant Archivist for Management and Administration, National Archives and Records Administration.

Julia Chang Bloch

(2005) - Founder and President, United States-China Education Trust; Ambassador in Residence, Institute for Global Chinese Affairs, University of Maryland; Distinguished Adviser, School of International and Public Affairs and Visiting Professor, Center for American Studies, Fudan University.

James-Christian Blockwood

(2015) - Managing Director, Strategic Planning and External Liaison, U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Terrell Blodgett  

(1981) Mike Hogg Professor Emeritus in Urban Management, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, and 

James L. Blum

(1988) - Former Deputy Director, Congressional Budget Office.

Marjory S. Blumenthal

(2009) - Executive Director, President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Robert C. Bobb

(1995) - President and Chief Executive Officer, The Robert Bobb Group, LLC.

Edwin A. Bock

(1972) - Emeritus Professor of Political Science / Public Administration and International Affairs, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Syracuse University; President, Inter-University Case Program, Inc.

Charles F. Bonser

(1974) - Dean Emeritus, Ameritech Professor Emeritus, SPEA and Business Professor Emeritus, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University. 

Donald J. Borut

(1992) - Secretary General, North American Section of United Cities and Local Governments.

Carl O. Bostrom

(1996) - Consultant for Research and Development and Space Systems, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Raphael W. Bostic

(2013) - Director, Bedrosian Center on Governance, Judith and John Bedrosian Chair in Governance and the Public Enterprise, Price School of Public Policy; University of Southern California. 

Geert E C Bouckaert

(2011) - Professor and Director, Public Management Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Coordinator, Policy Research Center - Governmental Organization- Decisive Governance; President, International Institute of Administrative Sciences.

Jo Ivey Boufford

(2005) - President, New York Academy of Medicine; Professor Emeritus of Public Service, Health Policy and Management, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University; Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, New York University Medical School;  Co-Director,  National Program Office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars Program.

Barbara D. Bovbjerg

(2012) - Managing Director, Education, Workforce and Income Security, U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Ann O'M. Bowman

(2014) - Professor and Hazel Davis and Robert Kennedy Endowed Chair in Government and Public Service, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University.