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Daniel Guttman

(2000) - Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Center for Study of American Government; Visiting Professor, Peking University School of Law; Fellow, University of California Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Program on Governance for Sustainable Development; Visiting Senior Fellow, Tsinghua University US/China Center; Attorney, Washington, DC.

Mary Ellen Guy

(1998) - Professor, School of Public Affairs,University of Colorado Denver.

Merl M. Hackbart

(2013) - Provost Distinguished Service Professor of Finance and Public Administration, Martin School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Kentucky.  

Billy C. Hamilton

(2005) - Associate Consultant, Schlueter Group; Adjunct Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas At Austin.

Lee Hamilton

(2007) - Director, The Center on Congress at Indiana University; Member, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

Mary R. Hamilton

(1999) - Senior Executive in Residence, School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska Omaha.

William G. Hamm

(1983) - Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group, LLC; Board Member, Freedom from Hunger.  

Donald V. Hammond

(2005) - Chief Operating Officer, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System.

Royce Hanson

(1985) - Research Professor, Institute of Public Policy, The George Washington University.

Peter Harkness

(1993) - Founder and Publisher Emeritus, Governing Magazine.

Edwin L. Harper

(1982) - Former Senior Vice President, Public Affairs/Government Relations, Government Relations, Assurant, Inc.

Sallyanne Harper

(2003) - Treasurer, National Academy of Public Administration; Vice President, Executive Office of Federal Management Practice, AOC  Solutions; President Elect, Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management.

Harry P. Hatry

(1980) - Director, Public Management Program and former Director, State-Local Government Research Program, The Urban Institute.

Kingsley E. Haynes

(2002) - Professor Emeritus, School of Public Policy, George Mason University.

Pamela K. Haze

(2012) - Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget, Finance, Performance, and Acquisition, U.S. Department of the Interior.

James J. Hearn

(2011) - Budget Director, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Carolyn J. Heinrich

(2010) - Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics, Vanderbilt University.

W. Paul Helmke

(2013) - Professor of Practice, School of Public and Environmental Affairs/Director, Civic Leader Living-Learning Center, Indiana University; Consultant/Attorney, Brady Center/Campaign and U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Lenneal J. Henderson

(2005) - Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Administration, Senior Fellow, Schaefer Center for Public Policy, Senior Fellow, Hoffberger Center of Professional Ethics, University of Baltimore.

Laurin L. Henry

(1972) - Professor Emeritus, School of Community and Public Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Nicholas L. Henry

(1991) - Professor Emeritus and Former President, Georgia Southern University.

Allen S. Hepner

(2013) - Manager, Reporting and Analytics, University of Canberra, Australia.

Ellen Herbst

(2014) - Assistant Secretary for Administration and Chief Financial Officer, Department of Commerce.

Stephen Hess

(1977) - Senior Fellow Emeritus in Government Studies, The Brookings Institution; Distinguished Research Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University.

W. Bartley Hildreth

(2012) - Professor, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University.

Bernard F. Hillenbrand

(1982) - Pastor Emeritus. Former Executive Director, National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils; County Consultant to U.S.

Sally T. Hillsman

(1992) - Chief Executive Officer Representative and Society Contact, American Sociological Association.

James Hinchman

(1996) - Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, National Academy of Sciences.

Harlan H. Hobgood

(1981) - Former President, Good Hope, Inc.; President and Chief Executive Officer, Freedom from Hunger Foundation.

Matthew Holden , Jr.

(1977) - Wepner Distinguished Professor in Political Science, College of Public Affairs and Administration, University of Illinois at Springfield.