Fellows Last Names P-T

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Jan C. Perry

(2016) - General Manager, Economic and Workforce Development Department, Los Angeles, CA.

Karen A. Pica

(2016) - Policy Analyst, Office of Management and Budget, The White House.

Andrew Stuart Podger

(2016) - Honorary Professor of Public Policy, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University.

David W. Rejeski

(2016) - Director, Technology, Innovation and the Environment Project, Environmental Law Institute.

Catherine M. Sheppard

(2016) - Director, Office of Quality Management, National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy.

William P. Shields

(2016) - Executive Director, American Society for Public Administration; Adjunct Lecturer of Government, American University.

Katherine Siggerud

(2016) - Managing Director of Congressional Relations, U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Stan Soloway

(2016) - President & Chief Executive Officer, Celero Strategies, LLC.

Charles A. Stevenson

(2016) - Professorial Lecturer in American Foreign Policy, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

Philip E. Tetlock

(2016) - Leonore Annenberg University Professor, Psychology Department, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Manuel T. Pacheco

(1991) - Director, Board of Directors, Public Service Company of New Mexico.

Michael Pagano

(2006) - Dean, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois At Chicago.

Chong Mo Pak

(1985) - Former Professor of Leadership and Organization Development, Center for Public Service, Richmond Office, University of Virginia; Director, Virginia Department of Personnel and Training; Associate Director, Federal Executive Institute; Professor and Chairman, Department of Public Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University.

John M. Palguta

(2002) - Vice President, Policy and Research, Partnership for Public Service.

John L. Palmer

(1989) - University Professor and Dean Emeritus, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University; Public Trustee of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.

Sanjay K. Pandey

(2014) - Shapiro Professor & Chair of Public Policy & Public Administration, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy, The  George Washington University.

Gregg A. Pane

(2007) - Medical Director, National Medical Policy and Operations, AETNA.

Gregory L. Parham

(2015) - Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Delores L. Parron

(2001) - Former Scientific Advisor for Capacity Development, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health.

Robin Pasquarella

(1996) - Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Education.

Eric Patashnik

(2010) - Professor of Politics and Public Policy; Associate Dean, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia.

Scott D. Pattison

(2009) - Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, National Governors Association.

Sallyanne Payton

(1998) - Director, Spirituals for the 21st Century Project, University of Southern California-Dominquez Hills; William W. Cook Professor of Law Emerita, University of Michigan School of Law.

Marcus C. Peacock

(2009) - Visiting Scholar, Regulatory Studies Center, George Washington University.

Neal R. Peirce

(1977) - Chairman, The Citistates Group; Syndicated Columnist, Washington Post Writers Group; Author; Lecturer; Founder and former Contributing Editor, National Journal.

Rudolph G. Penner

(2010) - Senior Fellow, Arjay and Frances Miller Chair in Public Policy, Urban Institute.

Edward J. Perkins

(1990) - William J. Crowe Chair, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma.

James L. Perry

(1998) - Distinguished Professor Emeritus; Chancellors' Professor of Public Affairs, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University; Editor-in-Chief, Public Administration Review.  

James P. Pfiffner

(1996) - University Professor of Public Policy, School of Public Policy, George Mason University.

Marvin Phaup

(2015) - Professional Lecturer and Research Scholar, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University.

Mark A. Pisano

(1997) - Professor of Practice of Public Administration, University of Southern California; Chairman of the Southwest Megaregion Alliance; Co-Chairman of the Federal System Panel  and Chairman of the Infrastructure Task Force of the National Academy of Public Administration; Co-Chairman of the Infrastructure Working Group of California Forward; and Co-Director, America 2050. 

Jane G. Pisano

(1991) - Former President and Director, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; Senior Vice President, External Relations, and C. Erwin and Lone L. Piper Dean, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California; President, The 2000 Partnership; President, Los Angeles 2000 Committee; Director, Olympic Programs, Corporate Administration, The Times Mirror Company. 

Christopher Pollitt

(2012) - Emeritus Professor, Public Management, Public Management Institute, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.  Scientific Director, Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG);

Elsa A. Porter

(1978) - Senior Fellow, The Meridian International Institute.

Roger B. Porter

(1988) - Professor of Government and Business, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Paul L. Posner

(1996) - Chair, Board of Directors, National Academy of Public Administration; MPA Director, Department of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University.

Nancy A. Potok

(2003) - Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer, Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce.  

Scott Quehl

(2011) - Principal Director, Strategym Accenture Federal Services.

J. Michael Quinlan

(1993) - Special Assistant to the CEO/President, Corrections Corporation of America.