Executive Organization and Management

Panel Chair: John M. Kamensky

The Standing Panel on Executive Organization and Management (EOM) is the National Academy's oldest and longest serving standing panel. The Panel focuses on improving the structure, capacity, management and performance of public institutions.

The EOM Panel’s unique mission– to pursue initiatives designed to make government work better – is derived from the National Academy’s Congressional Charter, which charges it with "foreseeing and examining critical emerging issues in governance." The EOM Panel fulfills this obligation by staying informed about current developments and subsequently proposing courses of action to improve performance in the Executive Branch.

The Panel meets monthly in the National Academy conference room. These meetings are centered on specific topics and often feature guest speakers who discuss contemporary issues relevant to federal agencies in the Executive Branch and the Congress.

View the papers & publications from this Standing Panel's work on the most recent Presidential transition.

From time to time, the Panel members invite non-Fellows to join as associate members. These individuals are invited to provide specific expertise to the Panel. If you feel that your background allows you to make a unique and significant contribution to this Panel's work contact Lisa Trahan, at LTrahan@napawash.org or (202) 204-3648.


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