International Affairs 

Panel Chair: Arnold Fields

The Standing Panel on International Affairs focuses on the National Academy's role in the international community. It considers a broad range of issues, such as: assisting in the development of democratic institutions in transitional democracies throughout the world; addressing public management challenges in developing countries; examining the management of the U.S. government's international activities; and promoting information sharing on promising practices in public management.

In pursuit of its mission, this Standing Panel carries out a number of functions:

  • Providing technical assistance or support in public administration at home and abroad;
  • Promoting cross-border sharing of information and experience on public administration issues through conferences and forums; and
  • Training and educating public executives and staff in the U.S. to function more effectively and sensitively in a global community.

This Panel also supports training and education in public administration within countries that request assistance, and helps other nations establish public administration educational and research institutions.

Conducting research and analysis on critical international issues in governance, and formulating practical approaches to their resolution. This Panel also conducts research and analysis to distill lessons learned from past experience.

The Africa Working Group is a subcommittee of this Standing Panel.

Additional information about this Standing Panel includes:

From time to time, the Panel members invite non-Fellows to join as associate members. These individuals are invited to provide specific expertise to the Panel. If you feel that your background allows you to make a unique and significant contribution to this Panel's work contact  Lisa Trahan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (202) 204-3648.

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