The Changing Role of States

August 29, 2017

By Teresa W. Gerton

The University of Southern California, Sacramento - Our Governing Across the Divide fall symposium series hit the ground running in Sacramento, California last week, kick-started by a morning keynote address from the state’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. He emphasized the importance of political will—a “get things done” mentality—and pointed out that people are willing to pay for increased benefits if those costs are distributed as fairly as possible.

These two themes, political will and equitable delivery of government services, were woven into the day’s program, which covered environmental policy, healthcare policy, and the interactions of state and local government. 

More to come from Academy President/CEO Teresa Gerton...

Video Recordings of the Day

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks

2. The Changing Role of States in Environmental Policy

3. The Changing Role of States in Health Policy

4. Keynote: William Pound

5. Keynote: Robert Hertzberg

6. The Changing Relationship Between States and Local Governments



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