Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

Leaders Advising Leaders

Governing in the 21st century has become increasingly complex. As a nation, we must address a long line of challenges:

  • Getting our fiscal house in order;
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public programs;
  • Strengthening collaboration across departments/agencies, levels of government, and sectors;
  • Recruiting, retaining, and motivating a diverse and high-performing workforce;
  • Strengthening the management of information technology; and
  • Providing appropriate levels of transparency in government operations.

The Academy provides a full range of advisory services to federal departments and agencies, with particular emphasis on:

  • Organizational assessments & strategy development;
  • Implementation support & technical assistance;
  • Performance management; and
  • Stakeholder outreach & collaboration.

The Academy has helped agencies at all levels of government through research, analysis, problem-solving, strategic planning, and thought leadership.

Working with the Academy

Our Charter [Public Law 98-257, Sec. 3] permits Congress to request that the Academy conduct work for federal cabinet departments and agencies. Federal organizations may access the Academy’s services through competitive procurement and, under certain circumstances, may be authorized to contract with us on a sole-source basis. The Academy is on the Professional Services Schedule at the General Services Administration.

Utilizing a variety of contracting mechanisms, the Academy is able to meet the needs of government clients in a flexible and timely manner making us uniquely qualified to provide valuable expertise to government leaders in a client-friendly environment.

The Academy is a contractor on the GSA Professional Services Schedule GS-10F-0414R and often partners with subcontractors and qualified small businesses to fulfill subcontracting requirements and meet our client's needs. For more information about working with the Academy contact us at (202) 347-3190.