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Protect Electoral Integrity Platform

Learn about how you can help protect and strengthen our democracy during this upcoming election using this collection of events and resources.

As the 2022 elections draw near, the NAPA Working Group on the Election Grand Challenge is brainstorming ways for Fellows to become involved in protecting our democracy. If you are currently conducting research in this field, volunteering as a poll worker, or registering people to vote, please reach out to us and share your story! In the upcoming months, NAPA will be highlighting the contributions its Fellows have made to this Grand Challenge.

If you are interested in becoming involved but don't know where to start, feel free to check out one of the events hosted by relevant organizations below. And please be on the lookout for an upcoming event this September, hosted by NAPA Fellows, discussing what the Fellow community can do to uphold electoral integrity.


How Fellows Can Uphold and Protect Electoral Integrity in the 2022 Election

Video Recording of the Live Event, which took place September 29, 2022

Recent months have revealed a significant increase in threats to the election workforce. These threats negatively impact the ability to recruit and retain needed staff and may undermine voter confidence in the outcome of the 2022 and later elections. This presentation by Academy Fellows is designed primarily to inform NAPA Fellows of this emerging issue and to suggest ways that, as individuals, they might support the election workforce and increase public understanding of the ways that workforce strives to ensure the integrity of the vote.


Ensuring Electoral Integrity at the State Level

Video Recording of the Live Event, which took place in July 2022

Watch the Center for Effective Public Management at Brookings explore how electoral processes are managed in the states, the level of security these processes have, and the vital role of secretaries of state in guaranteeing that every vote is safe, accessible, and counted as the 2022 midterms near.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D-Ariz.) presents a keynote address and participates in a fireside chat with Brookings’s Elaine Kamarck. Afterward, an expert panel further discusses the ways in which American elections are managed at the state and local levels.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with VoteRiders

VoteRiders’ mission is to ensure that no eligible voter is prevented from casting a ballot that counts due to voter ID laws, either directly from lack of acceptable ID or indirectly because of voter confusion. VoteRiders educates voters and assists citizens to secure their voter ID.

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Sign up to be a Poll Worker

Please use the Poll Worker Recruitment Lookup Tool on the webpage linked below to find information on being a poll worker in your community, including requirements, hours, pay, training, and more. Links are provided so you can sign up directly with your state or local election office. This tool is provided by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The EAC does not retain your personal information.

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Become a Voter Protection Volunteer

Volunteer to be a poll watcher, ballot monitor, or county liaison. You can read more about all the ways you can volunteer on election day at the link below! Note: Some of the opportunities are remote!

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Volunteer with Spread the Vote

Spread the Vote's work includes:

  • Obtaining IDs for eligible voters in voter ID states
  • Making election guides
  • Creating digital and real-world educational tools
  • Helping eligible incarcerated voters cast a vote by mail
  • Help voters make and execute a plan to vote

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Volunteer to be an Election Day Page

The state of Virginia recently began allowing high school students to participate in an Election Day Page Program! Some counties are offering the program with four-hour shifts. Students will receive a workplace learning credit for their participation.

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Don't have time to volunteer? Feel free to donate to any of the organizations listed above to help them with their cause.

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