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H. George Frederickson

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H. George Frederickson Speaker Series

Thank you for your consideration and willingness to support the H. George Fredrickson Speaker Series. George Frederickson was an Eminent Fellow of the Academy whose research, writing, and advocacy was critical in the movement to recognize Social Equity as a pillar of Public Administration along with the economy, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Your contribution will help us launch the Annual Speaker Series on Social Equity at the Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference, 2022. If contributions reach $50,000, we will be able to support the Speaker Series for a decade. If contributions reach $100,000, we will be able to support the Speaker Series in perpetuity.

We thank you and acknowledge the importance of your contribution in enriching and advancing Social Equity in Public Administration.

Read for an additional Fellows tribute to H. George Frederickson.

Reflections on George Frederickson and Bureaucrats Without Borders

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