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Getting the Most from Strategic Reviews

Getting the Most from Strategic Reviews

Federal performance reporting has often focused on measuring how well agencies are meeting short-term goals, but enhancements to the Government Performance and Reporting Act (GPRA) now focuses on implementing improvements via the strategic review process.

On June 18, 2014, the National Academy of Public Administration held an event to release: Getting the Most from Strategic Reviews: A Report from a Joint Forum of The United States Office of Management and Budget and The National Academy of Public Administration. The event provided an overview of the report and the January 27, 2014 event that the report summarized and engaged a panel of experts to discuss the Strategic Reviews and early lessons learned about the ongoing process.

Featured panelists at this event included:

*Judy England-Joseph (Moderator), National Academy of Public Administration

Lisa Danzig, Associate Director of Performance and Personnel, Office of Management and Budget

Elizabeth Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Martha Rubenstein, Chief Financial Officer, National Science Foundation

*Academy Fellow

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Key Findings

The panel discussed the modernization of the act (GPRAMA), and the importance of focusing on “what the agency plans to do next as opposed to where it’s been.” The conversation also covered the shift in thinking that comes along with this new way to review performance, and the linkages to strategic objectives. The panel shared perspective on the significance of accountability, without being punitive and bringing all of the relevant stakeholders to the process as early as possible.

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