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Management Matters Podcast
National Academy of Public Administration Podcast, featuring experts on Public Administration Challenges....
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National Academy of Public Administration Announces 2021 Class of Academy Fellows
The National Academy of Public Administration has announced that 39 leaders in the field of public administration have been selected...
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Academy Fall Meeting 2021
The theme for this year's Fall Meeting is “Addressing Grand Challenges through the Intergovernmental System,” and we are very excited...

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A new forum wants to strengthen the ties among federal, state and local governments
Some problems are just too tough for the federal government alone to solve. The National Academy of Public Administration has long witnessed how federal, state, local and tribal governments often fail to coordinate with each other, even when tackling the country’s biggest problems. The academy this week launched a new effort to bring together experts from all levels of government. It’s called the Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships. Terry Gerton is NAPA’s president and CEO. She told Federal Drive with Tom Temin what drove the academy to create this new center.
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NAPA Symposium Series on the Transformation of the IRS
The National Academy of Public Administration recently sponsored a series of 3 virtual, 90-minute forums that gathered experienced leaders and practitioners to provide advice to the Congress, the Administration, the Treasury Department, and the IRS on the challenges and issues that could be encountered in the transformation of the IRS. Panel 1 centered on the IRS workforce, Panel 2 was focused on the technology-enabled transformation of the IRS to improve taxpayers' services, and Panel 3 was about transforming the leadership and culture at IRS.
The National Academy of Public Administration Releases Report on Employee Engagement for U.S. Secret Service
Academy Panel Outlines 48 Recommendations to Help USSS Build on Recent Progress WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Panel of the National Academy of Public Administration today released its report for the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), one of the country’s most critical law enforcement and national security agencies that carries out two distinct but integrated missions – protecting the country's top elected leaders and visiting foreign dignitaries, as well as investigating crimes against U.S. financial systems. The Panel report makes 48 recommendations for ways the USSS can build on recent progress.


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