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Office of Management and Budget: Strengthening Organizational Health and Performance in Government (in Progress)



The Office of Performance and Personnel Management (PPM) within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is responsible for leading efforts that drive mission-focused performance gains across the Federal Government. In 2018, following a series of conversations between OMB officials and National Academy of Public Administration (Academy) Fellows, the Academy published a White Paper, Strengthening Organizational Health and Performance in Government. Given the significant developments and evolving priorities since the release of this White Paper, OMB has requested that the Academy refresh this framework for the new world of work and current governmental needs.


The Academy will:

  • Update the Academy's organizational health framework (Jan. 2018)​
  • Identify effective strategies for strengthening organizational health and performance in the current world of work​
  • Host 3 symposiums to identify insights about how leading worldwide organizations have adapted their operations amidst the global pandemic​
  • Examine federal implementation of OMB memorandum M-23-15 and related policies​.

The final report, to be completed by September 2024, will include:

  • Concrete strategies and evidence-based practices that advance organizational health for the new world of work
  • Methods to continually assess and respond to evolving work environments​
  • Guidance to agency leaders on using the framework for decision-making​
  • Case examples of the connection between organizational health, performance frameworks, and outcomes​.

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Project Overview

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