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An Organizational Assessment of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC or Commission), embedded in the state constitution, oversees more activity than virtually all other state counterparts—including oil drilling permits and
environmental assessments, tanks for storage of petroleum, enforcement of truck weight limitations, and consumer rates for electricity.

Of late, the Commission has come under unusual scrutiny, predominantly, but not only, for its determinations of electricity rates. As a result, Governor Mary Fallin issued an Executive Order (EO)
that established the Second Century Task Force (the Task Force) to review the activities and organization of the OCC. The Secretary of Energy and Environment and Chair of the Task Force, Michael Teague in turn contracted with the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) to assist with the work of the Task Force.

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Key Findings

The Panel determined that the OCC presently lacks three critical capabilities essential to any regulatory agency’s optimal efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals. These include:

  1. A mission-focused, future-oriented, and inclusive strategic planning process
  2. A performance management system aligned with its mission and strategic goals, essential to any organization’s ability to adapt to evolving trends and needs
  3. An organization-wide change management process


This report contains the results of the assessment conducted by an Academy panel of Fellows selected for this analysis. The first chapter expands on the genesis and context of the report. Chapters 3-7 follow the outline of the Governor’s EO. The full report includes findings and twenty-three recommendations. (Appendix K provides a full list of the report’s recommendations).

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