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Summary of Human Resource Management Research by the National Academy of Public Administration

The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) has reviewed its recent human resources management research to assist the new Volcker Commission in examining current issues related to the state of the federal service. The Commission expressed interest in what the Academy has learned about the public service through the work of its Center for Human Resources Management.

Please reach out to the Director of Academy Studies with any questions about the report.

Key Findings

The Academy appointed a panel to oversee the review and prepare this report for the Commission’s use. The panel was chaired by Rosslyn Kleeman, who chairs the Academy’s Standing Panel on the Public Service. Other members included Robert Matson, James Pfiffner, Pamela Syfert, and Robert Tobias. Frank Cipolla, former Director of the Center for Human Resources Management, led the research component. The objective of the review was to synthesize key findings and recommendations, present them in the context of the Commission’s concerns, and propose key reform areas for consideration.


The Academy has identified 22 studies that are especially relevant to the Commission’s objectives and concerns. These titles are listed in Appendix B and a synopsis for each is provided in Appendix C. Additionally, the executive summaries of Civilian Workforce 2020: Strategies for Modernizing Human Resources Management in the Department of the Navy and The Transforming Power of Information Technology: Making the Federal Government an Employer of Choice for IT Employees are included as Appendices D and E, respectively.

Study Fellows