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Agile Learning Program

October 02, 2023

By: G. Edward DeSeve

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The development of the Agile Government Principles and the Integrated Framework for Action represent two important milestones in the implementation of Agile Government. The third major milestone is the development of the Agile Learning Program. For each of the elements of the Integrated Framework, Learning Objectives core learning materials will be developed and disseminated to government leaders, managers, and teams around the world. Work is currently underway on Customer Experience, Leadership and Networks.


Essential to the dissemination are partners who will assist in the development of the Learning Objectives and their delivery in various kinds of Learning Events. Partners will be drawn from academia, training organizations, and other for profit and not for profit entities. The Agile Government Center is in talks with partners and will release materials from these partners during the third and fourth quarters of 2023.


The National Academy of Public Administration and the IBM Center for the Business of Business of government have contributed invaluable in-kind services in their role as sponsors of the Agile Government Center. The Academy is seeking additional funding from foundations and others. The Agile Learning Program is intended to be a self-sustaining entity once it begins working with partners to undertake learning events.

Further information

If you’re interested in partnering with us on this program or learning more about it, please contact:

  • G.Edward DeSeve- Coordinator of the Agile Government Center (
  • Dr. Joseph Mitchell-NAPA Director of Strategic Initiatives (
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