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The Internship Experience:

Working on Academy Projects​

Participating in Academy staff-led interviews and focus groups

Attending team and client meetings​

Connecting with Academy​ Staff

Happy hours and staff lunches

Intern get-togethers​

Connecting With Academy Fellows​

Meet an Academy Fellow Sessions​

Standing Panel meetings​

Participating in Intern Enrichment and Development Programing​

Professional development and skills-based sessions

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Meet Our Current Interns

Summer 2022 Cohort

Lizzie Alwan

Academy Studies Intern

Education: Current Master of Public Policy and Administration Student at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Policy Interests: Social equity, public health, Intergovernmental partnerships, Social service delivery

Internship Goals: To better understand intergovernmental relations and how to increase collaboration and efficiency between organizations, and to experience policy research in the national context.

Eva Arriaza

Academy Studies Intern

Education: Senior at Virginia Tech - B.A. in Environmental Policy and Planning

Policy Interests: Environmental policy, public policy, social policy, health policy, and cultural policy

Internship Goals: My goal for this internship is to get real-world experience, gain key background knowledge, and become a well-rounded individual. I am also looking forward to meeting colleagues and gaining a network of contacts.

Katie Dean

Fellow Engagement Intern

Education: Senior at Butler University - B.A. in English with a focus on professional writing

Policy Interests: Healthcare, human rights, urban policy

Internship Goals: To learn more about the field of public administration, participate in projects that advance the initiatives of NAPA, and connect with fellows.

Lynn-Marie Edwards

Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships Intern

Education: Current Master of Public Management Student at the University of Maryland, College Park

Policy Interests: Program assessment, design, and implementation in the justice system and education system; social policy issues like education, crime, poverty alleviation, diversity, equity and inclusion, and mental health

Internship Goals: I want to gain practical exposure to the best public service management practices, especially how these may apply to developing countries. Further, I want to better understand the role of intergovernmental partnerships in public service delivery. I also seek to improve my policy research and writing skills.

Nicole Janeiro

Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships Intern

Education: Senior at Wheaton College - B.A. Political Science, minors in International Relations and Sociology

Policy Interests: Elections, human rights, government reform, domestic policy, gun control, national security, government operations/innovation, anti-corruption, gender, consumer freedom, drug policy, privatization, urban growth, and land use

Internship Goals: Strengthen collaboration and cooperation among leaders at all levels of government and build a strong network of connections with distinguished Fellows at the Academy and learn from the advice/guidance they graciously provide.

Maya Krauss

Academy Studies Intern

Education: Sophomore at Clark University - B.A. Political Science with a concentration in International Relations

Policy Interests: Foreign policy, environmental policy, human rights policy, and gender policy

Internship Goals: To strengthen my professional writing and public policy research skills and learn how the Academy, a leading public administration non-profit, works to advance good governance and help the government serve people more effectively. I also look forward to making lasting connections with both Academy staff and the vast array of distinguished Academy Fellows I will have the pleasure of meeting throughout this internship.

Jack Kunkel

Academy Studies Intern

Education: Junior at the University of Missouri - B.A. in Political Science, Constitutional Democracy, and Journalism

Policy Interests: Education, social equity, environmental policy

Internship Goals: I want to dive into the world that exists between our government in theory and our government in practice, learn more about the civic mechanisms that drive our society toward its goals, and further develop my skills as a researcher and communicator by learning from experts in the field.

Sean Stewart

Strategic Communications Intern

Education: Current Master of Public Policy Student at the University of Maryland, College Park

Policy Interests: Social equity, public health, intergovernmental partnerships, social service delivery

Internship Goals: To gain new skills and experiences and widen my interests as I pursue my degree. I hope to hone my writing abilities even further and make connections with other interns and fellows at the NAPA.

Emma Swenson

Academy Studies Intern

Education: Senior at Brigham Young University — B.A. in English, Professional Writing emphasis, International Development minor

Policy Interests: Sustainable development, public health/global health, social equity, gender, aid, migration

Internship Goals: To expand my policy research skills, explore how nonprofit organizations advance good governance and public policy, and discover possibilities in the field of public administration.

Katie Uhlig

Strategic Initiatives Intern

Education: Senior at Brigham Young University, B.A. in Political Science, minor in International Strategy and Diplomacy

Policy Interests: National security, intergovernmental relations, social equity, environmental issues, international affairs

Internship Goals: To strengthen my professional skill set as a writer and researcher, build connections and network with the NAPA fellows and interns, and develop as an academic in preparation for continuing education and my professional career endeavors.