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Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

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Academy 2019 Fall Meeting

November 07, 2019 @ 12:00:00 am - November 08, 2019 @ 12:00:00 am
Eastern Time (ET)

This year we had a great time connecting with old friends and meeting new ones, hearing from phenomenal speakers, engaging in powerful discussions, and honoring our new Fellows and awardees.

We inducted 52 Fellows of the Class of 2019. The members of this year’s class represent the very best practitioners, academics, and pracademics. They come from all areas of the country and all levels of government, and they have an experience that spans the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Full Proceedings

In November 2019, the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) held its annual meeting focused on the release of the Grand Challenges in Public Administration. The Academy is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1967 and granted a congressional charter in 1984 to assist government leaders in building more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent organizations. The Academy has over 950 Fellows, including former cabinet officers, Members of Congress, governors, mayors, state legislators, senior career administrators, prominent scholars, and business executives.

The 2019 meeting featured an all-star cast of key speakers and insightful discussions. KPMG worked with the Academy to highlight key findings and takeaways from this meeting. Consistent with the meeting’s theme, breakout sessions were held on each of the 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration. In addition, sessions were held on agile government—a core management issue that must be addressed to resolve the Grand Challenges—and on the implications of women’s suffrage for public engagement today.

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Welcome and Unveiling of Grand Challenges

Teresa Gerton*, President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration

National Academy of Public Administration Fall Meeting Unveils 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration

The Academy held its annual Fall Meeting this week, unveiling its final list of “Grand Challenges in Public Administration” following a year-long effort to identify these challenges and position the Academy as a leader of future collaborative efforts to address them.

Plenary Session, November 7th: Then and Now

Teresa Gerton*, President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration

Plenary Session: Then and Now: Origins of the Field of Public Administration and its Current Grand Challenges
Sponsored by: USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Moderator: Jack Knott*, Dean and Irwin C. and Ione L. Piper Chair and Professor, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ramayya Krishnan**, Dean, Heinz College Of Information Systems And Public Policy And William W. And Ruth F. Cooper Professor of Management Science And Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University
Chavonda Jacobs-Young**, Administrator of the Agricultural Research Service and Acting Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Cedric Sims**, Senior Vice President, Justice, Homeland Security, and Transportation, Booz Allen Hamilton

Presentation by Syracuse University, The Herbert Roback Scholarship Award Presentation, and The Louis Brownlow Book Award Presentation

Lunch Presentation by Syracuse University

Sponsored by: The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

IVMF and the Maxwell School – with the financial support of JP Morgan Chase & Co. – are collaborating on a new training program for veterans considering careers in politics. This lunch presentation will provide more details about the institute’s initiatives.

Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Armstrong, Senior Director, Research and Evaluation, Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)

The 2019 Herbert Roback Scholarship Award
Diane M. Disney*, Chair, Herbert Roback Scholarship Award Committee

The 2019 Louis Brownlow Book Award
Katherine Willoughby*, Chair, Louis Brownlow Book Award Committee

Elmer B. Staats Lecture

This plenary discussion will dive into perspectives on social equity, how it surfaces in the field of public administration, and how it intersects with the delivery of services to citizens.

Valerie Lemmie*, Director of Exploratory Research, Kettering Foundation
Sarah Wartell*, President & Trustee, Urban Institute
Courtney Phillips*, Executive Commissioner, Texas Health and Human Services
Darin Atteberry*, City Manager, City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Induction Ceremony for New Fellows

Nani Coloretti*, Co-Chair, Fellows Nominating Committee
Barbara Romzek*, Co-Chair, Fellows Nominating Committee

Plenary Session: Business Meeting

Academy Business Meeting
Jeffrey Neal*, Chair, Academy Board of Directors; Senior Vice President, ICF International
Teresa Gerton*, President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration

Treasurer’s Report
Jonathan Fiechter*, Treasurer, Academy Board of Directors, External Commissioner, BVI Financial Services Commission
Randy Lyon*, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Development, National Academy of Public Administration

Tributes to Deceased Fellows
Jeffrey Neal*, Chair, Academy Board of Directors; Senior Vice President, ICF International

Introduction of New Officers
Jeffrey Neal*, Chair, Academy Board of Directors; Senior Vice President, ICF International

Plenary Session: James E. Webb Lecture

This plenary discussed the Academy's Grand Challenge initiative within the context of Amazon Business including what business needs from the public administration community.

Anne Rung*, Director, Government Sector, Amazon Business
Jim Williams*, Partner, Schambach and Williams Consulting

Presentation by McKinsey, The George Graham Award Presentation for Exceptional Service to the Academy, and Closing Remark Incoming Chair.

Lunch and Presentation by McKinsey

The Future of Work in America: Unlocking Human Potential

Over the next decade, technology and automation will continue to drive changes in the American economy and workforce. Some occupations will shrink, others will grow, and the tasks, time allocation, and required skills associated with almost every job will change. That said, these changes – and their impact -- vary significantly across types of jobs, people, and places. This raises questions about how best for communities, corporations, and governments to respond.

Bryan Hancock, Partner at McKinsey & Company, will share the Firm's cutting-edge forecast on the future of work and provide a fact-base to support the work of NAPA in this Grand Challenge of Public Administration.

George Graham Award for Exceptional Service to the Academy
Sylvester Murray*, Chair, The George Graham Award Committee; Distinguished Visiting Professor,
Jackson State University, Mississippi

Closing Remarks Incoming Chair, Academy Board of Directors

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