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Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

James Bowman


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James S. Bowman, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University. A former military officer and civil servant, he has served nearly 40 years at Florida State University. Bowman has published some 150 journal articles and chapters on human resource administration, quality management, and professional ethics. He has edited six books and is co-author of The Professional Edge: Competencies in Public Service (2e; Sharpe, 2010), Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems (7e; Sage, 2022), and Public Service Ethics: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities (3e; Routledge, 2022). A past National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Fellow as well as a Kellogg Foundation Fellow, he has experience in government and business. Bowman was elected to the National Academy of Public Administration in 2017.
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