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Graying and Still Growing: Removing Barriers to Older Worker Utilization and Boosting the Economy

The aging of the federal workforce poses significant challenges that human capital managers have barely begun to address.

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Key Findings

The Graying and Still Growing forum on July 10, 2003 was designed to

  1. draw attention to the important issues raised by the looming labor shortfall when baby boomers begin to retire and
  2. advance the discussion of best practices and potential solutions.


The discussion lead to the following recommendations: expand the Senior Environmental Employee (SEE) Program—or something similar to it—throughout the entire government. Pursue rigorous succession planning programs such as those used in the private sector, where two or three workers often backstop top leaders. Recruit top-performing seasoned workers from the private sector. Allow retirees to re-enter the labor force without sacrificing their retirement benefits. Undertake thorough research on barriers to older worker utilization. Engage Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) and Congress in this critical issue.

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