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Postal Regulatory Commission: Strategic Planning Development Support

The Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) is an independent agency that has exercised regulatory oversight over the Postal Service since its creation by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, with expanded responsibilities under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. The Commission has five Commissioners and four operating offices, including the Office of Accountability and Compliance, the Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations, and the Office of the Secretary and Administration.

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Key Findings

The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) assisted the Commission with the development of its strategic plan for 2017—2022. The plan was developed through a robust and collaborative engagement with all Commission employees. The Academy facilitated nine strategic planning sessions with the Commission’s leadership team and employees of each of the four operational departments to obtain insight and reach consensus on the Commission’s strategic priorities and goals. In addition, the Academy conducted an electronic employee survey to collect further feedback and comments. The Academy also formed a three-member Expert Advisory Group of Fellows to provide strategic insight and guidance.


This strategic plan lays out the Commission’s mission, vision, four strategic goals, strategic objectives, and performance indicators that will be used to guide the agency’s activities and initiatives over the next five years.