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Transforming the FBI: Integrating FBI Management Functions under a Chief Management Officer

In June 2006, the Academy Panel provided a paper assessing the FBI’s management functions and providing advice on how the Bureau might better organize them.

In July, Director Mueller announced a series of structural management changes, including the creation of an Associate Deputy Director who will function as a Chief Management Officer to oversee personnel, budget, administration, information technology and infrastructure functions. This will allow the Director and Deputy Director to focus their attention on law enforcement and intelligence operations, while bringing senior level attention and accountability to day-to-day management. This Panel report, Transforming the FBI: Integrating FBI Management Functions under a Chief Management Officer, constitutes the information and analysis that the Academy contributed to the establishment of a Chief Management Officer.

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Key Findings

This report—one in a series that deal with organizational change at the FBI—discusses the issues and challenges that the FBI faces in organizing its management functions. It presents the range of organizational possibilities that the Academy suggested the FBI consider prior to Director Robert Mueller’s July 2006 decision to create a new Assistant Deputy Director position with the authority and responsibility to manage the FBI’s programs for human resources and training, information technology, facilities and logistics, finance, security, records management and strategic and resource planning. In essence, this position is analogous to a Chief Management Officer. It also discusses the pros and cons of private and public sector candidates for that position. Finally, the report stresses the critical importance of providing leadership continuity in key FBI management functions, regardless of the option chosen.

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