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Transitioning from Campaigning to Governing

The presidential transition deserves a conspicuous place on the public administration and management agenda, whether an incumbent is re-elected or an opponent is given the opportunity to serve.

In a series of articles published in Government Executive, the last one published shortly following President Bush’s re-election, Academy Fellows offered management advice on fundamental issues that should appear on the next president’s agenda and provided approaches to dealing with them effectively.

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Key Findings

This publication includes ten articles, republished here with Government Executive’s permission, cover issues that played predominantly on the political landscape during the 2004 campaign, as well as others that were less prominent but no less important.


Management is tough in the pressure cooker environment of a presidential transition when a president-elect works frantically to shift gears from campaigning to governing. Even experienced presidents facing a second term can stumble. The articles here include:

  • Campaigning to Governing
  • Presidential Prowess
  • Battling Bioterrorism
  • Pulling Together
  • Distilling Power
  • No Idea Left Behind
  • Curing Health Care
  • Negotiating the Fiscal Rapids
  • Weighty Matters
  • Solutions, Not Debates

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