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Where the Jobs Are: The Continuing Growth of Federal Job Opportunities

This report, for the first time, takes a comprehensive view of government projections of hiring needs across agencies by occupational category and compares those needs to projected private sector demands.

In so doing, the report highlights the skills and expertise that will be most in demand by the federal government and suggests which skills will be especially difficult to attract to public service.

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Key Findings

To develop this resource, The New York Times Job Market provided a grant to the Partnership for Public Service and the National Academy of Public Administration to conduct this study. An expert panel, supported by a project staff experienced in federal government human resources management, oversaw this effort and was responsible for producing the report and its contents. In completing this report, the Partnership and the Academy surveyed 15 cabinet-level departments and nine independent agencies, which collectively represent more than 95 percent of
the employment in the executive branch.


The vocations where the government will be making the biggest push in the next two years are primarily highly-skilled fields. Those five areas are:

  1. Security, Enforcement, and Compliance Assistance
  2. Medical and Public Health
  3. Engineering and Sciences
  4. Program Management/Administrative
  5. Accounting, Budget, and Business

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