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The Integrated Framework for Action

July 20, 2024

By: G. Edward DeSeve

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The Agile Government Framework as presented below contains four “Modules” (Strategy, Organization, Implementation and Transformation) and emphasizes the use of the Agile Government Principles to achieve transformation in the way that governments produce public value by implementing better policies, regulations, and operations.

Several things make the Framework useful in moving toward action in Agile Government:

  • Scope: All major activities of government – regulations, policies and programs at all levels of government – are included.
  • Clarity of Purpose: Agile Government is intended to be transformational – radically improving competence increasing public value and trust.
  • Strategic Approach: Strategy “links aspirations and capabilities” (as John Bryson suggests.)
  • Principles-Based: The Framework is supported by 10 underlying Principles (shown in the graphic above) that are evolving—in a truly agile fashion—as more useful information is developed and incorporated.
  • Tested using Stories and Cases: The Agile Government Center has developed—and continues to solicit—examples of governments using agile techniques to achieve mission results. We have found that some governments consciously use Agile Principles, while others achieve their success without explicit reference to the Principles.
  • Evolving, Not Static: The graphic above will change as we receive comments for how it can be improved.

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