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The Louis Brownlow Book Award

Since 1968, the National Academy of Public Administration has recognized outstanding contributions to the literature of public administration through the presentation of the Louis Brownlow Book Award. The Award recognizes outstanding contributions on topics of wide contemporary interest to practitioners and scholars in the field of public administration. Generally, it is made to an author who provides new insights, fresh analysis, and original ideas that contribute to the understanding of the role of governmental institutions and how they can most effectively serve the public.

Award Eligibility and Nominations

Books published during the two years preceding the closure date are eligible for consideration. Nominations may be submitted by publishers, professional associations, or individuals with an interest in the subject matter. Each publisher or organization may nominate as many as three books; each individual may submit one book. The nominators must include a statement explaining the contribution of the book to public administration literature.

There is no restriction on the official or academic status of the author. Textbooks and collections of essays written by a number of different authors are not eligible. Typically an entry will be considered only the first time it is submitted. A later edition or revision of a published work will not be considered unless there has been a very substantial revision containing new material and/or a new interpretation of data.

Those wishing to nominate a title should forward five copies of each book and a nominating statement.

Selection Criteria

The selection will be made by a committee appointed by the Academy. The Award committee seeks to recognize work that best embodies factual accuracy, analytical thinking, readable style in the constructive treatment of an important problem, and/or significant development or performance of a government institution. The book’s lasting contribution to the body of public administration literature and improvements in methodology is also taken into account.

Timeline for Submission

The deadline for 2023 Award nominations is May 31, 2023.

Contact Information

Kaitlyn Blume -

Send books submitted for nomination to:

National Academy of Public Administration
Louis Brownlow Book Award
Attention: Kaitlyn Blume
1600 K Street, N.W.
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006

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