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Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

For The Future…

The Diamond Anniversary Campaign for the National Academy of Public Administration

“Building Today for a Better Tomorrow”

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A Pillar of Good Governance

The National Academy of Public Administration stands as a beacon for good governance. As an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit, we play a crucial role in addressing the myriad governance, administrative, and management challenges that confront governments at all levels. Our mission to foster a just, fair and inclusive government that strengthens communities and protects democracy is critical in this complex and polarized climate.

History History History

Our Past 60 Years of Impact

In times of crisis, our guidance has been instrumental in shaping the government’s response to significant challenges like the Watergate scandal, the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security post-9/11, and navigating the financial crisis of 2008. In addition to these high-profile instances, the Academy has made substantial contributions through direct engagement with a variety of federal agencies, including the Office of Personnel Management, the U.S Coast Guard Academy, and the U.S. Secret Service.

For more than five decades, the Academy has proven itself an invaluable contributor to the shaping of policies and practices at every level of U.S. government. As we step into our Diamond Anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence in public administration and governance, ensuring that our legacy of impact and influence endures and evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of our nation.

The Academy Today: Uniquely Constructed, Uniquely Positioned

The National Academy of Public Administration stands as the standard-bearer for expert-driven guidance in the realm of public administration. As the only Academy encompassing the entire field, our unique perspective allows us to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities of this era with unmatched insight.

Our Call to Action: Future-Proof Insights for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Inspired by our Diamond Anniversary and our 60th year of dedicated service, we launch a vision that aligns with the evolving needs of public administrators and, ultimately, the citizens they serve. Like a diamond formed under immense pressure, the most significant impacts of good governance are created over time. Our commitment extends to nurturing the next generation of government leaders and reinforcing intergovernmental partnerships, essential for a democracy that not only endures, but thrives.

The Time is Now

We start this campaign from a strong financial position and amid a deepening political divide with profound implications. The Academy has successfully navigated past financial challenges and emerged with a robust fiscal foundation. Our development strategy, spearheaded by the Development Committee and Senior Fellows, has already yielded significant results, raising over $2,000,000 to expand our influence and impact. Innovations like the award-winning Management Matters podcast, Agile Government Center, and the Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships (CIP) demonstrate our commitment to responsive and efficient governance. These successes are just the beginning.

Empowering the Academy for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Our goal is to grow an endowment that ensures readiness for future challenges while maintaining our independence and unbiased perspective. This funding will support new studies, programs, and collaborations, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted, neutral entity. When trust in institutions is crumbling, our neutrality ensures that the Academy’s findings lead to the best outcomes for public administrators and the communities they serve.

Leadership in Innovation

This new wave of initiatives will harness all the Academy’s most valuable resources to lead the field and maintain our independent perspective in shaping the future of public administration. In a world where change is constant, we will have the means to drive innovation, set new standards, and protect the Academy’s reputation as a trusted and impartial institution.

Cultivating Collaboration and Rebuilding Government Partnerships

Our vision extends to rebuilding government partnerships and creating extensive networks of informed stakeholders. Through these partnerships, we will expand the Academy’s influence, informing policy decisions with evidence, promoting best practices, and driving positive change on both a national and local scale.

Investing in the Future

The Diamond Anniversary Campaign transcends mere fundraising; it is an investment in the future of effective governance and public administration. By establishing a permanent funding source through an enhanced endowment, we will fortify our mission, extend our impact, and nurture a new generation of public leaders. These leaders will continue to reshape our nation and the world, utilizing our unique resources to create a just, fair, and inclusive government that strengthens communities and safeguards democracy. Together, we can shape the course of history and create a legacy of good governance.

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