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Elections, Technology & Trust: Understanding the Benefits, Limitations, and Challenges

June 12, 2024 @ 02:00:00 pm - June 12, 2024 @ 03:30:00 pm
Eastern Time (ET)

On Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, the Academy's Technology Leadership Standing Panel and Elections Working Group hosted a webinar on the intersection of elections and technology. A four-person panel, moderated by Fellow Alan Shark, explored ways to combat misinformation, enhance trust, support election workers, increase public knowledge, and more.

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The panel addressed many critical factors associated with appropriately incorporating technology into the nation's election administration processes, such as training the workforce, ensuring public trust, and maintaining security. Technology is vital to elections, but each state and local jurisdiction must deploy them appropriately and correctly. This factor is even more challenging in smaller and more rural jurisdictions, as they may experience additional challenges associated with funding, workforce, broadband access, mistrust, and more.

To effectively address all potential challenges, election officials should work as transparently as possible and use the resources of agencies like the EAC, state governments, and reputable, nonpartisan organizations.

Please access the recording to learn more from the panelists.

Adam Frumkin

Chief Information Officer, Franklin County, Ohio

Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky

Chief Election Official, New York State and Co-Executive Director, New York State Board of Elections

Jared Dearing

Senior Director of Election Best Practices, Center for Internet Security

Daniel Cox

Field Services Program Manager, U.S. Election Assistance Commission


Alan Shark

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