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Justice, Fairness, Inclusion, and Performance.

Katherine Barrett


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Over the course of over 30 years, as a principal with Barrett and Greene, (along with my husband and NAPA Fellow Richard Greene) I have dedicated my career to analysis, research and writing about state and local governments. I have become a nationally-recognized authority in a host of topics including budgeting and finance; human resources and workforce management; procurement; tax systems, pensions, infrastructure, contracting, data use, and notably performance management. NAPA Fellow Peter Harkness, founder of Governing Magazine, has described Richard and myself as "by far the most experienced journalists in the country covering public performance." NAPA Fellow, Michael Jacobson, deputy director of performance and strategy at the King County Office of Performance Strategy and Budget commented that "Katherine and Rich have been covering state and local government management issues for so many years that there are few people they don't know, few issues they haven't covered and few concepts that are new to them." And NAPA Fellow Chris Morrill, executive director of the Government Finance Officers Association, called Richard and myself "the dynamic duo of good government."

History of Employment

Barrett and Greene, Inc.
Columnist, Sr. Advisor and Co-Chair of Advisory Board
Route Fifty
Senior Advisor
Government Finance Research Center, University of Illinoise, Chicago
Columnist and Advisor
Government Finance Officers Association
Co-editor of Commentary Section
International Journal of Public Administration
Visiting Fellow
IBM Center for the Business of Government
Special Project Consultant
Volcker Alliance
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Management Matters Podcast

Grand Challenge: Connect Individuals to Meaningful Work

The Resilience of the Public Sector Workforce with Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene

Season: 1 Episode:43 | March 01, 2021

Show Notes:

On this episode, we welcome Academy Fellows, Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Principals at Barrett and Greene Inc. and journalists covering the topic of public performance, to discuss the current outlook of the public workforce and the formation of a workforce plan.

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