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Egbert Perry


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Egbert L. J. Perry is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Integral Group, a company he co-founded in 1993. Under Perry, Integral has earned a solid reputation as an innovative developer and investor with public and private partners and investors alike. Credited with the community development strategy dubbed “The Atlanta Model,” Perry first conceived and then led Integral in collaboration with the company’s public-sector partner to create a legal, regulatory, and financial model that made holistic, mixed-income community developments a legal and financial possibility. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Perry was recruited to join the board of Fannie Mae, the $3.2T financial institution. After five years, he became Chairman of the Board and served in that capacity until the end of 2018. During his tenure, Fannie Mae played an outsized role in rebuilding the $11T housing industry, a critical component of the global economy. Before co-founding the Integral Group, Mr. Perry helped to grow an Atlanta-based real estate and construction company into the nation’s 3rd largest African-American owned business. In 1992, the annual revenues were approaching $200M. After 13 years, Mr. Perry left that company to co-found The Integral Group.

History of Employment

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Integral Group, LLC
Former Board Member
Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta
Real Estate Developer
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