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Political Appointee Project

This website ( combines the efforts of several related initiatives. In 2011, we began discussions with the Ernst & Young Initiative on Leadership to share the position profiles they prepared for their book Paths to Making a Difference: Leading in Government. In 2009, the Academy assumed responsibility for the Council for Excellence in Government Prune Book Series. Updated material from the 2008 Prune Book series is presented on this website. This website builds upon the Academy’s longstanding interest and involvement in improving the presidential appointments process.

The new website has several key objectives:

  • To inform current discussions about improving the presidential appointments process. We hope to serve as an important forum for this discussion. The website will contain information on previous related studies, as well as ongoing commentaries on this issue by Academy Fellows and other experts in the field.
  • To serve as a repository of profiles of the key management positions in government.
  • To provide insights to new political executives on the challenge of managing in government.
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