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Celebrating Public Service: Martha Ann Dorris

May 12, 2021
I appreciate public servants because the public depends on the government to meet many of...

													 Joshua Sharfstein
Celebrating Public Service: Joshua M. Sharfstein

May 11, 2021
I appreciate public servants because they do their jobs for the satisfaction of improving life...

													 Mridul gautam
Celebrating Public Service: Mridul Gautam

May 10, 2021
I serve because… I’ve seen what happens when people who are at a disadvantage and...

Quarterly Academy Studies Update

May 07, 2021

													 Greg Lindey
Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week: Greg Lindsey

May 07, 2021
I serve because I believe it's my obligation to help create opportunities for everyone to...

Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week: Gary Glickman

May 06, 2021
It’s hard to name just one person that inspired my career in public service, but...

													 Jae Moon
Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week: M. Jae Moon

May 05, 2021
I appreciate public servants because... They are motivated to pursue public values and dedicated to...

													 Charles Tansey
Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week: Charles Tansey

May 04, 2021
I initially came to Washington in June of 1999 as a Presidential appointment to the...

Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week: Carson Eoyang

May 02, 2021
I serve because... I joined the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA in 1974 to...

NAPA Celebrates Public Service Recognition Week!

May 01, 2021

													 Daniel J Fiorino
Celebrating Earth Month: Daniel J. Fiorino

April 26, 2021
Daniel J. Fiorino is the founding Director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Distinguished...

													 Stan Meiburg
Celebrating Earth Month: Stan Meiburg

April 21, 2021
In 2017, Dr. Stan Meiburg became the Director of Graduate Studies in Sustainability at Wake...

													 Jay Fisette
Celebrating Earth Month: Jay Fisette

April 15, 2021
Jay Fisette served on the Arlington County Board from 1998-2017. He was Chair or Vice...

													 Nicole Darnall
Celebrating Earth Month

April 11, 2021
Nicole Darnall is Associate Dean of Faculty Success in ASU's College of Global Futures and...

													 Susan Offutt
Celebrating Earth Month

April 05, 2021
Susan E. Offutt was most recently senior consultant to the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural...

													 Barry Rabe
Celebrating Earth Month

March 30, 2021
Barry Rabe is the J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Professor of Public Policy at...

Celebrating Women's History Month: Enid Beaumont

March 28, 2021
Intrepid. That’s been the essence of Enid Beaumont her whole career, whether wrangling consensus across...

													 Alice Rivlin
Celebrating Women's History Month: Alice Rivlin

March 23, 2021
As a Bryn Mawr undergraduate, Alice Rivlin wanted a career in public administration. And with...

Celebrating Women's History Month: Sallyanne Payton

March 21, 2021
Sallyanne Payton, the first African American to graduate from the Stanford Law School, and the...

													 Ellen Ochoa
Celebrating Women's History Month: Ellen Ochoa

March 17, 2021
Dr. Ellen Ochoa, former director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, is an American engineer, astronaut...

													 Frances Perkins
Celebrating Women's History Month: Frances Perkins

March 15, 2021
Frances Perkins was the first woman Cabinet member and the longest serving Secretary of Labor...

													 Mary Guy resized 2
Celebrating Women's History Month: Mary Guy and Meredith Newman

March 11, 2021
Mary Guy and Meredith Newman have each influenced public administration practice and scholarship, long before...

													 Nesta Gallas
Celebrating Women's History Month: Nesta Gallas

March 09, 2021
Nesta Mabyn Gallas was born in Herne Bay, England in 1917, the year before property-owning...

													 Jane Delgado
Celebrating Women’s History Month: Jane Delgado

March 04, 2021
Contributions to Public Administration Jane Delgado, PhD Health Policy Leader – DHHS By Academy Fellow...

													 Naomi Lynn
Celebrating Women’s History Month Contributions to Public Administration

March 02, 2021
Naomi Lynn is and has been, an unapologetic advocate for women. Now retired, Naomi’s career...

													 Marilyn Rubin
Celebrating Women's History Month

February 28, 2021
Traveling back through time, scant few women leaders have been included in history books. The...

													 Matthew Holden Jr
Celebrating Black History Month

February 14, 2021
Contributions to Public Administration: Matthew Holden, Jr. By Academy Fellow Thomas H. Stanton Matthew Holden...

													 David Gragan
Meet Our Fellows: David Gragan ('19)

February 07, 2021
1. Who or what inspired you to work in public service? I am the son...

													 Lisa Gordon
Meet Our Fellows: Lisa Gordon ('16)

February 01, 2021
President and CEO, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Who or what inspired you to work in...

													 Michael Jacobson
Meet Our Fellows: Michael Jacobson ('19)

January 24, 2021
Deputy Director - Performance and Strategy at King County Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget...

													 Janine Davidson
Meet Our Fellows: Janine Davidson ('19)

January 19, 2021
Janine Davidson, PhD. President, Metropolitan State University of Denver Who or what inspired you to...

													 Patria de Lancer Julnes
Meet Our Fellows: Patria de Lancer Julnes ('19)

January 10, 2021
Patria de Lancer Julnes, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Professor, Marxe School, Baruch College How did...

													 Chavonda Jacobs Young
Meet Our Fellows: Chavonda Jacobs-Young ('19)

January 03, 2021
Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young has served as Administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s chief scientific...

													 Beth Gazley
Meet Our Fellows: Beth Gazley ('19)

December 20, 2020
Professor Beth Gazley is co-founder of the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute and co-principal investigator...

													 Calvin Johnson
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Calvin C. Johnson

December 13, 2020
Dr. Johnson is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research, Evaluation and Monitoring at the United States...

													 Louis Uccellini
Meet Our Fellows: Dr. Louis Uccellini ('19)

December 06, 2020
Dr. Louis W. Uccellini is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Assistant Administrator for Weather...

													 David Grant
Meet Our Fellows: David Grant ('19)

November 29, 2020
Mr. Grant is a senior executive with over 34 years of experience in procurement, acquisition...

													 Micheal Wooten
Meet Our Fellows: Dr. Michael Wooten ('19)

November 20, 2020
Dr. Michael Eric Wooten was appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed...

													 Sharon Mastracci
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Sharon Mastracci

November 16, 2020
Sharon Mastracci is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Programs of Public...

													 Jared Llorens
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Jared Llorens

November 03, 2020
On November 1, 2020, Professor Jared Llorens assumed the role of Dean of the E...

													 Jeremy Hall
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Jeremy Hall

October 26, 2020
Jeremy L. Hall is a Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Ph.D. program...

													 Andrea Norris
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Andrea Norris

October 22, 2020
Ms. Norris is a senior executive with 30 years of public sector experience leading national...

													 Stephen T Ayers
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Stephen Ayers

October 20, 2020
In 2010, Stephen T. Ayers was appointed by the President of the United States to...

													 Robin Kramer
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Robin Kramer

October 19, 2020
Robin Kramer is managing director of The Smidt Foundation, whose flagship program, Harbor Freight Tools...

													 John Bartrum
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: John Bartrum

October 18, 2020
The CEO of Brightstar Innovations Group, LLC, John J. Bartrum, is a Capitol Hill veteran...

													 Tanisha Briley
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Tanisha Briley

October 15, 2020
Tanisha Briley was appointed City Manager of the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland on July 20...

													 P Edward French
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: P. Edward French

October 14, 2020
Dr. French has been Department Head of Political Science & Public Administration at Mississippi State...

													 Deborah Hopson
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Deborah Parham Hopson

October 14, 2020
Deborah Parham Hopson is the Senior Public Health Scientist and Director, Center for Public Health...

													 Sian Mooney
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Siân Mooney

October 14, 2020
Siân Mooney is dean and professor at the Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and...

													 Michelle Alletto
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Michelle Alletto

October 14, 2020
Michelle Alletto serves as the Texas Health and Human Services Chief Program and Services Officer...

													 Gene Migliaccio
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Gene Migliaccio

October 12, 2020
Gene Migliaccio is an Associate Dean for Applied Public Health, and Professor at the George...

													 Teri Gullo
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Theresa Gullo

October 12, 2020
Teri has made enormous contributions to CBO’s work for the Congress for more than three...

													 Vikki Wachino
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Vikki Wachino

October 11, 2020
Vikki Wachino is CEO of Community Oriented Correctional Health Services, a nonprofit dedicated to building...

													 Richard Greggory Johnson III
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Richard Greggory Johnson III

October 08, 2020
Richard Greggory Johnson III is a tenured Full Professor and Department Chair for the Department...

													 Phillip Singerman
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Phillip Singerman, PhD

October 07, 2020
Phillip (Phil) Singerman, PhD is a recognized national innovator in public/private partnerships to promote economic...

													 Renee Wynn
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Renee Wynn

October 07, 2020
Renee P. Wynn recently retired as the NASA Chief Information Officer. Wynn joined NASA in...

													 Jamie Boex
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Jamie Boex

October 06, 2020
Jamie Boex is a leading scholar-practitioner in the field of federalism and intergovernmental relations, having...

													 Geoff Beckwith
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Geoffrey Beckwith

October 05, 2020
Geoff Beckwith is the Executive Director & CEO of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, a position...

													 Felicia Marcus
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Felicia Marcus

October 05, 2020
Felicia Marcus is the William C. Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Water in the...

													 Primary NAPA Logo COLOR
OMB: An Insider's Guide - Event Recording

October 05, 2020
Recorded proceedings of the September 30, 2020 event OMB: An Insider's Guide, hosted by the...

													 Francine Berman
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Francine Berman

October 04, 2020
Francine Berman is the Edward P. Hamilton Distinguished Professor in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic...

													 Kimberley Isett
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Kimberley Isett

October 01, 2020
Kimberley Roussin Isett earned a Ph.D. (Management, Organization theory) and MPA (health and human services...

													 Nikki Clowers
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: A. Nikki Clowers

September 30, 2020
Nikki is the Managing Director of the Health Care team. The team leads GAO's efforts...

													 Joseph Christoff
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Joseph Christoff

September 30, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Ned Hill
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Edward "Ned" Hill

September 29, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Angela Eikenberry
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Angela Eikenberry

September 28, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Rendell Jones
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Rendell Jones

September 28, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Dave Powner
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: David Powner

September 27, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Walton kim web 0
Academy Class of 2020 Spotlight: Kimberly Walton

September 27, 2020
In our New Fellow Spotlight series, you'll get to meet some of the Academy's Class...

													 Mary Feeney
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Mary K. Feeney ('19)

September 10, 2020
Dr. Mary Feeney is the Lincoln Professor of Ethics in Public Affairs, editor of the...

													 James Baker
Meet our Fellows: James E. Baker ('19)

August 27, 2020
The Hon. James E. Baker is a professor at the College of Law with a...

Data Literacy:  The Importance of Speaking the Language of Data to Public Sector Missions

August 26, 2020
Data literacy and aculture of evidence can lead to creative problem solving and innovation By...

													 Gregg Van Ryzin
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Gregg Van Ryzin ('19)

August 07, 2020
Dr. Gregg G. Van Ryzin is a Professor in the School of Public Affairs and...

													 Albert Meiburg
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Stan Meiburg ('19)

July 23, 2020
Dr. Meiburg is the Director of the Master of Arts in Sustainability Program and associated...

													 Jade Berry James
Meet our Fellows: Dr. RaJade M. Berry-James ('19)

June 25, 2020
Dr. RaJade M. Berry-James is an associate professor of public administration and resident faculty in...

													 Laura Bloomberg
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Laura Bloomberg ('19)

June 11, 2020
Laura Bloomberg, PhD, has served as dean of the Humphrey School since June 2017. Prior...

													 Tracy Wareing Evans
Meet our Fellows: Ms. Tracy Wareing Evans ('19)

May 28, 2020
Tracy Wareing Evans is the President and CEO of the American Public Human Services Association...

													 David Williams
Meet our Fellows: David C. Williams ('19)

May 14, 2020
David C. Williams’ appointment to the Postal Service Board of Governors by President Donald Trump...

													 Justin Marlowe
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Justin J. Marlowe ('18)

April 30, 2020
Justin Marlowe is the Endowed Professor of Public Finance and Civic Engagement at the Daniel...

													 Angela Bailey
Meet our Fellows: Angela Bailey ('19)

April 16, 2020
Angela Bailey is the Chief Human Capital Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. Ms...

NAPA Co-signs Letter in Support of the Report of the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service

April 03, 2020
An open letter to President Donald J. Trump and Members of the 116th Congress: We...

													 David Lewis
Meet our Fellows: Dr. David E. Lewis ('12)

April 02, 2020
David E. Lewis is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor in the Department of Political...

													 Margaret Simms
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Margaret Simms ('19)

March 19, 2020
Dr. Margaret C. Simms is a nonresident fellow in the Center on Labor, Human Services...

													 Stan Soloway
Meet our Fellows: Stan Soloway ('16)

March 05, 2020
Stan Soloway is President & CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC, a full-service strategic consultancy focused...

													 Steven App
Meet our Fellows: Steven O. App ('05)

February 13, 2020
Steven O. App is the former Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)...

													 Mark Funkhouser
Meet our Fellows: Mark Funkhouser ('16)

January 26, 2020
Mark Funkhouser served as mayor of Kansas City, Mo., from 2007 to 2011. Prior to...

													 David Medina
Meet our Fellows: David Medina ('16)

January 09, 2020
David Medina currently serves as the COO and Co-Founder of Results for America. David previously...

													 Daniel Feldman
Meet our Fellows: Daniel Feldman ('16)

December 22, 2019
Professor Dan Feldman teaches Oversight & Investigation, Ethics & Accountability, and Administrative Law. In 201...

Fellow Article: Federal State Coordination of the American Recovery Act During the Great Recession

December 20, 2019
The three authors include Raymond Scheppach, previously the Executive Director of the National Governors Association...

													 Antoinette Samuel
Meet our Fellows: Ms. Antoinette Samuel ('09)

December 09, 2019
Antoinette A. Samuel served as deputy executive director of the National League of Cities (NLC)...

													 Stephen Goldsmith
Meet our Fellows: Stephen Goldsmith ('06)

November 14, 2019
Stephen Goldsmith is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director...

													 Kendra Stewart
Meet our Fellows: Dr. Kendra Stewart ('17)

October 31, 2019
Kendra B. Stewart is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Joseph P. Riley...

													 Peter Hutchinson
Meet our Fellows: Peter Hutchinson ('08)

October 17, 2019
Peter Hutchinson has a long history in the Minnesota public sector. In 1975, Hutchinson served...

													 John Kamensky
Meet our Fellows: John Kamensky ('10)

September 12, 2019
John Kamensky is a senior fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government...

Meet Our Fellows: Belkis Leong-Hong ('15)

August 28, 2019
Ms. Belkis Leong-Hong is the Founder, President, and CEO of Knowledge Advantage Inc., a woman-owned...

Meet Our Fellows: Don Bathurst ('18)

August 12, 2019
Mr. Donald Bathurst retired from federal service December 31, 2018, as Executive Director for Emergency...

Meet Our Fellows: Erik Bergrud ('13)

July 25, 2019
Erik Bergrud is the current Associate Vice President for University Engagement at Park University in...

Meet our Fellows: Patricia Florestano ('86)

July 11, 2019
Dr. Patricia Florestano, a Fellow since 1986, has had an impressive career in Maryland Higher...

Meet Our Fellows: Enid Beaumont ('82)

June 27, 2019
For over 55 years, Dr. Enid Beaumont has been an exemplar of distinguished public service...

													 Mihm event
Watch: Identifying and Addressing Skill Gaps: Innovative Federal Practices

June 25, 2019
The National Academy of Public Administration, in partnership with Management Concepts, hosted a June 25th...

Watch: Roundtable on Civil Service Reform

June 19, 2019
NAPA recently hosted a roundtable discussion on Civil Service Reform with Rebecca Hunter, the former...

Terry Gerton joins the Govcast Podcast

June 03, 2019
Academy President / CEO Terry Gerton joined the Govcast podcast to discuss the importance of...

Meet our Fellows: Kay Goss ('13)

May 14, 2019
Kay Goss, elected in 2013, reflects on Grand Challenges, her involvement in public adminstration today...

Why Do You Serve?

May 08, 2019
Through no action of my own, I was fortunate enough to be born a...

Meet Our Fellows: Patricia Wallace Ingraham ('90)

April 29, 2019
Patricia Wallace Ingraham, elected in 1990, reflects on a career of public service, her work...

													 Fostering a Government of Innovation
Unleashing Workplace Creativity:Fostering a Government of Innovation

April 26, 2019
The National Academy of Public Administration & Management Systems International recently hosted a Forum on...

													 AI Banner
Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Public Administration

April 19, 2019
In early 2018, the Board of the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) challenged...

													 I Stock 544137318
Meet Our Fellows: Dale Bertsch ('79)

April 11, 2019
Dale Bertsch, elected in 1979, reflects on his greatest accomplishments from a wide-ranging career in...

													 James colvard
Meet Our Fellows: James Colvard ('85)

April 01, 2019
James Colvard, elected in 1985, reflects on his greatest accomplishments from a wide-ranging career in...

													 Video title PMA
The President's Management Agenda Turns One

March 27, 2019
NAPA recently hosted an event on the first anniversary of the President’s Management Agenda with...

Meet Our Fellows: Nancy Kingsbury ('98)

March 25, 2019
Nancy Kingsbury, elected in 1998, reflects on funny stories, her greatest accomplishments, and more from...

													 Tgerton volcker90
Sirius XM's Tim Farley interviews Terry Gerton on the President's Management Agenda

March 25, 2019
It's the one year anniversary of the President's Management Agenda and Terry Gerton, Academy President/CEO...

Meet Our Fellows: William Clinger (‘98)

March 07, 2019
Former Congressman William Clinger reflects on his greatest accomplishments and Grand Challenges. Reflecting on your...

Meet Our Fellows: Michael Maccoby ('85)

February 12, 2019
Dr. Michael Maccoby, elected in 1985, reflects on funny stories, his greatest accomplishments, and more...

Meet Our Fellows: Ralph Widner ('75)

January 28, 2019
Ralph Widner, elected in 1975, reflects on a wide-ranging career in public service and Grand...

													 20180524 Shared Services Breakfast Series Financial Accountability Graphic
Shared Services: Why the Voice of the Customer Matters

January 08, 2019

													 I Stock 537252274
February Social Equity Meeting

January 08, 2019
Mark your calendars for our first meeting in the 2019 calendar year on February 1...

													 Chet small
Meet Our Fellows: Chester Newland ('75)

January 02, 2019
Chester Newland, elected in 1975, reflects on a career of public service, his Academy Fellowship...

													 Terry Gerton
Academy President and CEO on GovMatters

December 23, 2018
The partial government shutdown continued Sunday. Congress and the President could not agree on a...

													 Grand Rev1
Help Tackle the Grand Challenges of Our Time

November 27, 2018
The last two decades have marked a period of near-constant change for the United States...

Building a Shared Map of the Nation’s Infrastructure to Enable Smart Investments

May 29, 2018
Funding the nation's surface transportation system has been on the Government Accountability Office’s biannual high...

Public Service Recognition Week 2018

May 11, 2018
Kicking off Public Service Recognition Week - Terry Gerton, president & CEO of NAPA...

A Reconceptualization of Government | Jos C.N. Raadschelders

April 10, 2018
Jos Raadschelders has been teaching and writing about public administration for 35 years, lately at...

													 FEEA 5 K 2018 Social Media 4
Public Service Recognition Week Charity Walk/Run

March 30, 2018
The Public Service Recognition Week (#PSRW) Charity Walk/Run will be on May 6 at National...

													 IMG 3497
ELR Prize Award Video

March 02, 2018
On February 13th, 2018, the National Academy of Public Administration awarded the Elliot L. Richardson...

FNR: How to improve organizational performance in your agency’s unit

February 20, 2018
The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) has released a paper offering a new data-driven...

													 I Stock 579407234
A New Strategy to Improve Government Performance

February 13, 2018
A recent National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) report Improving Organizational Health and Performance in...

No Time to Wait Report mentioned in President's FY 19 Budget

February 12, 2018
Our #NoTimeToWait report was cited in the President's budget proposal today, and called a "clarion...

Save the Date: Fall Meeting 2018

December 06, 2017
The 2018 Fall Meeting will be held November 1-2 at the Doubletree Hotel in Crystal...

													 Tgerton volcker90
Academy President/CEO Teresa Gerton moderates Volcker At 90 Panel

November 28, 2017
Academy President and CEO Teresa Gerton, moderated a panel earlier this month with Thomas Davis...

													 0 B7 A1721
Academy Fall Meeting Recap 2017

November 21, 2017
The Academy hosted its 2017 Fall Meeting this past week in Crystal City, celebrating our...

Veteran's Month at the Academy - Thad Allen

November 13, 2017
The United States Coast Guard is a unique product of the American Revolution and the...

Veteran's Day at the Academy

November 10, 2017
Veterans Day, a national tradition dating back to November 11th, 1918, is soon to be...

													 DOC upload
Prospective Expert Advisory Group Announcement

November 07, 2017
Department of Commerce, Office of Secretary Financial Management: Working Capital Fund Assessment Sallyanne Harper T...

													 Cover Photo High Res with border
Academy Fall Meeting 2017 Agenda

November 03, 2017
The National Academy of Public Administration will conduct its annual Fall Meeting on November 16-17...

													 50 years overlay A
New Directors and Fellows Elections

October 24, 2017
The Board of Directors of the National Academy of Public Administration is pleased to announce...

													 Elijah Bridge 2
Video Recordings from The Changing Role of States

August 30, 2017
Our Governing Across the Divide fall symposium series hit the ground running in Sacramento, California...

													 Across the divide map
Governing Across The Divide: The Academy Hits The Road

June 01, 2017
Governing Across the Divide is a unique series of topical, thought-leadership convening hosted by the...

													 PSRW logo 600x268
Public Service Recognition Week

May 08, 2017
The Academy celebrated Public Service Recognition Week from May 7-12, highlighting the accomplishments of our...

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims May 7 through May 13, 2017, as Public Service Recognition Week

May 05, 2017
During Public Service Recognition Week, we express gratitude for our civil servants. Their daily effort...

													 Terry Gerton
The National Academy of Public Administration Names Teresa W. Gerton as New President and CEO

January 09, 2017
WASHINGTON, DC – The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) today announced that Teresa...

End of the Year Donations: A Message from Reggie Robinson, Academy Board Chair

December 01, 2016
Dear Fellows and Friends of the Academy, As we approach the end of 2016, we...

													 NAPA Panel2016 1
Managing Risks in the Retained Organization

October 06, 2016
Transforming the retained organization is a critical factor in the successful transition to a shared...

													 Markell Allen Glendening
RSVP for our Governors Forum Feat. Gov. Jack Markell (D-DE)

September 22, 2016
The National Academy of Public Administration, the National Governors Association, and American University School of...

Sign Up For Our Management Matters Newsletter

August 31, 2016
For two years, the Academy has taken great pleasure in delivering Management Matters to your...

Forum on Accountability

July 15, 2016
Join the Academy and the American University School of Public Affairs for a forum on...

													 Screen Shot 2017 09 15 at 12 45 58 PM
Transition 2016

January 01, 2016
The Academy's Transition 2016 initiative is designed to advise the incoming 2016 Presidential Administration on...

													 Screen Shot 2017 09 15 at 12 45 58 PM

January 01, 2016
Visit our new website,, for updates on the Academy's Transition 2016 initiative. This site...

Academy Launches Presidential Transition 2016 Initiative

December 01, 2015
This morning, the Academy launched its Transition 2016 initiative, which is designed to advise the...

2015 Fall Meeting

December 01, 2015
On December 3rd, 2015, the Academy held its Annual Fall Meeting at the Doubletree Hotel...

Dan Blair Testifies on Human Capital Management Before Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee

May 20, 2015
On May 20, 2015, Academy President and CEO Dan G. Blair testified before the Senate...

													 Book Signing 1
Tom Davis and Martin Frost Book Signing

April 29, 2015
On April 29th, the Academy hosted former Congressmen Tom Davis (R-VA) and Martin Frost (D-TX)...

													 Panel 1
The Academy and EY Bring Together Human Capital Risk Leaders

April 23, 2015
As part of the National Academy of Public Administration’s (the Academy) ongoing series on enterprise...

Radio Interview with Roger Kodat about SSA Report

April 17, 2015
Academy Project Director Roger Kodat was interviewed on Federal News Radio about the recently released...

Political Appointee Project Commentaries

April 08, 2015
The Political Appointee Project, which the Academy launched in 2013, has been very successful to...

													 Wortman boardroom
Academy Honors Don Wortman

November 15, 2014
The National Academy of Public Administration honored Albuquerque resident, Don I. Wortman on November 12th...

2014 Academy Fall Meeting

November 13, 2014
The National Academy of Public Administration hosted its annual Fall Meeting on November 13th at...

													 Lean Forum1 12small Resized
Forum on Continuous Process Improvement

October 04, 2014
On September 9th, the Academy and Federal News Radio hosted a forum to discuss how...

OMB Launches Strategic Reviews

June 17, 2014
The Office of Management and Budget has started conducting a series of strategic reviews with...

The Academy and EY Bring Together Federal ERM Leaders

May 07, 2014
Washington, D.C.—Linking performance to enterprise risk management is critical to achieving performance goals, concluded a...

Academy-GAO Forum: Getting Off the High-Risk List

May 01, 2014
Every two years at the start of a new Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO)...

Federal Management Leadership Under Five Presidencies

April 30, 2014
On April 30th the Academy hosted a forum with George Mason University and Oliver Wyman...

A Forum on Strategic Reviews

January 27, 2014
On behalf of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, the National Academy of Public...

The Academy's Offices Have Moved

January 01, 2014
The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) is pleased to announce the relocation of...

Highlights of the 2014 Academy Fall Meeting

January 01, 2014
A decade from now, how will the government’s responsibilities and processes differ? A series of...

Political Appointee Project

December 01, 2013
This website ( combines the efforts of several related initiatives. In 2011, we began discussions...

Academy Inducts New Fellows

November 14, 2013
Washington, D.C.—The National Academy of Public Administration announced the induction of thirty-two individuals as Fellows...

The Academy Announces New Slate of Board Officers

November 01, 2013
The National Academy of Public Administration is proud to announce the installation of a new...

Sheila Bair and Paul Volcker Awarded 2013 Elliot L. Richardson Prize

October 01, 2013
The National Academy of Public Administration’s Elliot L. Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service...

													 2013 Brownlow Winner Hymans
2013 Brownlow Book Award Winner

August 05, 2013
The National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) has awarded its 2013 Louis Brownlow Book...

2013 Herbert Roback Scholarship Award

August 01, 2013
The late Herbert Roback was a highly respected public servant. During his 34-year career, he...

													 Volcker Warner
Memos to National Leaders Capstone Event

May 22, 2013
Guest speakers at this May 22nd capstone event included Senator Mark Warner (VA) and the...

Survivor's Guide Launch Event

April 16, 2013
A complete source of information for navigating the nomination, clearance, and Senate confirmation process -...

Winter 2012 Public Manager

December 02, 2012
Over the course of the Summer and Fall of 2012, the National Academy of Public...

Fellows Class of 2012

November 05, 2012
Click here for the complete list of newly-elected Fellows and Directors, and here for the...

Video: 2012 Elliot L. Richardson Prize Honoring Robert M Gates

January 02, 2012
A video of the 2012 Elliott L. Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service is...