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Survivor's Guide Launch Event

A complete source of information for navigating the nomination, clearance, and Senate confirmation process - as well as tips on compliance with ethics laws and financial disclosure rules.

It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to serve your country as a member of the President’s administration. Before saying yes, however, ask yourself whether you want to face the demands and conflicts that come with a presidential appointment. Many who have served in senior positions attest that these were the most exciting and rewarding days of their life, and whatever sacrifices they had to make, and waits they had to endure, were worth it.

That is what almost all say … after their public service is over.

For now, you have more questions than answers. You want to find out what joining the administration would mean for you and your family, and your career after government. You want a guide to navigate the maze of financial and personal disclosure forms and other steps on the appointment and confirmation process.

That is where the Survivor’s Guide comes in. This Survivor’s Guide is intended to serve as a one-stop source of information every prospective nominee would need to know about taking one of the near-1,000 full-time presidential-appointed positions across the Executive Branch that requires Senate confirmation (PAS positions).

Click here to view the Survivor’s Guide event, held at the Academy on April 16, 2013.

Click here to view the Survivor's Guide.

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