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Meet the Academy: Joseph Przeczewski

Joseph Przeczewski, Director of Academy Information Technology and Facilities

What is your role and primary responsibilities at the Academy?

As the Academy’s IT and Facilities Director, I am responsible for managing the day-to-day operations for all the Academy’s Technological issues and Facilities Logistics. My role is to always be cognizant of the changing technology and implement the best practices that match the Academy’s mission and strategic position.

What do you like best about working at the Academy?

The Academy has been more of a “journey” than a job. It’s a place that does beneficial work in the public sector to help the government help the people. With over 900 fellows, who are all experts in their field, the Academy ties that knowledge to the government through studies and philanthropic ventures. That non-partisan work in turn, makes a better community for people equally and without bias.

Which of the 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration resonates the most with you?

“Fostering Social Equity”. My children, wife and I have always volunteered at varies places in the community. Places like Brother Francis Shelter kitchen, Battered Women’s shelters, Community Recreation centers and donation/collection locations. When working previously for NANA Regional Corporation, they always encouraged employees to volunteer and help in community service, which easily crossed paths with our lives. Our children have travelled to many places on missions to Guatemala, Tanzania, U.K., Wales, Honduras.

Why is public service important to you?

I feel that people should always help other individuals in life, no matter what that might entail. Everyone can use help occasionally, and we should be there to lend a hand when needed. Government should do the same in supporting the people that make up America, Federal level, down to State level, down to Local level, down to the people and community.

What is your favorite hobby or interest outside of the office?

Favorite interest outside the Academy is studying and collecting historic Bibles. My all-time great find was tracking and purchasing an original Geneva Version dated 1569. History of America is a close second, with all the historic town sites to explore and learn how America became what it is today. Browsing Antique stores with all the collectable items from yesteryear is another favorite interest for passing time.

What is your favorite travel destination, either past or future?

Being born and raised in Alaska, my wife and I enjoyed Hawaii. There are direct flights from Alaska, that’s why it’s the locals destination vacation. We now enjoy driving and vacationing up and down the East Coast beaches.

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