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Political Appointee Project Commentaries

The Political Appointee Project, which the Academy launched in 2013, has been very successful to date and we anticipate it being highly useful to new political appointees as they arrive in Washington to serve in the second term of the Obama Administration or the New Administration in 2017. A key feature of the website is the Commentary section. To date, we have published over a dozen commentaries from NAPA Fellows and other observers of government, and we encourage you to submit a Commentary of your own. The Commentaries are short, usually 600-800 words. A Commentary can focus on either advice that you think would be helpful to new appointees or suggested reforms in the political appointee appointment process. We are eager to capture the experience of Academy Fellows and others who have served previously in government and are willing to share their experiences with new appointees. To see previous Commentaries, please visit the Commentary page. If you would like to submit a Commentary, please submit it directly to Harrison Redoglia at Mark Abramson will be leading the project on The Academy’s behalf. If you would discuss a Commentary idea with him, Mark can be reached at or at (571) 527-0138.

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