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Insights From Our Fellows: Richard Greggory Johnson III

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By: Richard Greggory Johnson III

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The Importance of Pride Month

I have been a Social Equity Scholar for the last twenty (20) years and tenured both at the University of San Francisco and University of Vermont. I have been able to create a substantial body of work that includes research on race/ethnicity, gender/gender Identity, social class and LGBT matters. One of the reasons why I became a Social Equity Scholar is to provide voice to communities that have been marginalized within the United States and globally. As June is Pride Month, I would like to point out that I have been fortunate to contribute books and journal articles addressing LGBT and gender issues within the field of Public Administration. Indeed, it has been my great honor to provide the field with an awareness of some of the foremost matters impacting the LGBT and gender.

During the last several years, American has experienced a great deal of rollback of LGBT rights across the county. Specifically, states such as North Carolina, Texas and Florida have made it impossible for Transgender persons to use the restroom of their preferred gender. The State of Texas is now making it a criminal offense for parents who seek hormone treatment or gender affirmation surgery for their Transgender child. Finally, Florida is or has enacted a number of policies that would negatively impact the LGBT community. It is for this reason that I joined my colleagues from California and other parts of the country in boycotting the ASPA Conference, March 2022, Jacksonville Florida. In good conscientiousness, I could not attend ASPA 2022 located in a state that has intentionally try to hurt the LGBT community. Many Social Equity Scholars believed that Florida would enact policies that would help with LGBT rights. On June 12, 2016 a solo gun man entered the LGBT Pulse Night Club (Orlando, FL) and killed 49 persons. Many around the county that out of this tragedy would come a renewed sense of state protections for the LGBT community. However, this has woefully not been the case.

In conclusion, Pride Month is essential to celebrate because the LGBT community is no place near parity. It is also important to note that Pride Month is not just for the LGBT community. Pride Month is for EVERYONE to celebrate and take part of. Allies/parents/colleagues etc of the LGBT community have helped to create a sense of welcoming. For example, I am a long time Unitarian Universalist and the support from them towards the the LGBT community has been unmatched. Some persons or groups may attend Pride Parades, Pride church services, Pride panels etc. Regardless of event or events, I encourage all NAPA Fellows to participate in Pride Month celebrations and join with me in the hope that one day we will all be FREE.

About Richard Greggory Johnson III

Richard Greggory Johnson III is a tenured Full Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration, School of Management, University of San Francisco. He is also Director of the Business Minor in the School of Management as well.

Professor Johnson’s research centers on social equity within the fields of public policy, management, higher education and Human Resources Management. He has been teaching in higher education for almost twenty years and is widely published with several peer-reviewed books and over two dozen peer-reviewed journal articles.

Professor Johnson holds graduate degrees from Georgetown University, Golden Gate University and DePaul University. He holds membership in: Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society; Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society; Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society. Professor Johnson is also a life Member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

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