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Baltimore County debuts Enterprise Strategic Plan, with help from the Academy

County Executive John Olszewski Jr., has debuted the Baltimore County Enterprise Strategic Plan for 2024-2026, with the help of the Strategic Initiatives team at the National Academy of Public Administration. Academy staff and Fellows helped guide Baltimore County’s decision making and research throughout the plan’s development.

Placing emphasis on goals of modernization, inclusivity, and sustainability, the County aimed to redefine governance and improve the quality of life for all its residents. The Academy team focused on aligning the aims of Baltimore County toward the Grand Challenges in Public Administration. The goals of the plan - which include facilitating vibrant communities, equitable decision making, workforce empowerment, and government accountability - all reflect back on these Grand Challenges to help drive public administration into a brighter future.

"The local level is where the rubber meets the road in the delivery of public services," said Joe Mitchell, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Academy. "Collaborating with local leaders in Baltimore County in a meaningful way is a win-win for residents, public workers and the Academy itself. We're thrilled with the outcome of this plan and hope this can be a model as we work with other jurisdictions around the country."

Focusing on the significance of housing as a basic right, Olszewski also draws attention to the necessity of addressing housing disparities and establishing secure and affordable living spaces for everyone. "It is absolutely crucial that we bridge the gaps in our housing continuum,” he said.

This aligns with the County's dedication to providing fair access to housing and supporting underserved communities.

Education takes center stage among Baltimore County's priorities, with initiatives that focus on nurturing lifelong learning opportunities and supporting the next generation of leaders. By collaborating with Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), the County will equip individuals of all ages with the resources to excel academically and professionally.

In accordance with its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Baltimore County is committed to advancing economic opportunities and fostering equitable practices across various sectors. By prioritizing the empowerment of the workforce and engaging with the community, the County works towards creating an inclusive and prosperous environment for all.

Sustainability lies at the core of Baltimore County's vision for the future, accompanied by plans to protect the environment and develop resilient infrastructure. Through strategic investments and innovative solutions, the County is actively working towards a cleaner, greener future that benefits current and future generations. Addressing sustainability and advocating for environmental stewardship is a key Grand Challenge for the Academy.

As Baltimore County embarks on this transformative journey, it remains committed to its mission to provide transparent, accountable, and high-quality services to its residents. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment, the County is poised to achieve its goals and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

“Together, we forged ahead with commitment and conviction, addressing the immediate needs of our residents and businesses, enhancing the County’s infrastructure, reforming key internal operations and business processes, improving equitable and data-driven decision-making, and increasing transparency, accountability, and community engagement,” said former Baltimore County Administrative Officer Stacy Rodgers.

									 Baltimore County Enterprise Strategic Plan 2024 to 2026
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