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Meet the Academy: Kate Connor

Kate Connor, Senior Research Analyst

What is your role and primary responsibilities at the Academy?

I am a Senior Analyst, and I currently serve on three projects for the Academy. My primary responsibilities include conducting interviews, leading project workstreams, writing and editing report sections, and mentoring Research Associates and Analysts. I also create trivia questions for Academy events, including Charter Day and employee holiday gatherings.

What do you like best about working at the Academy?

Over the last five years, I have been able to develop wonderful working relationships and friendships with my colleagues. The Academy culture is inviting, supportive, and service minded. Every day brings something new, and I enjoy discovering solutions to complex public administration projects. Regardless of study size and scope, working for the Academy allows me to feel that we are supporting and improving government at all levels.

Which of the 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration resonates the most with you?

“Connecting Individuals to Meaningful Work” is one of the most essential Grand Challenges and impacts all Americans. We spend a tremendous amount of our lives at work, and we can all attest to the importance of doing work that leaves us with a sense of purpose. When individuals feel value in their work, their products and interactions with colleagues and customers reflect this sense of “meaningful work.” Since we all have to work, we might as well enjoy what we do!

Why is public service important to you?

As a former public high school teacher, I think public service is an inherent democratic value that forms the crux of our society. It builds connections between and within communities, furthers our understanding of other cultures, and calls for us to put others ahead of ourselves. Asking “how can I help,” forces us to open ourselves to new experiences and expands our appreciation for what it means to be human.

What is your favorite hobby or interest outside of the office?

You can find me on the kickball field each week, playing trivia, or captaining one of NAPA’s two cornhole teams.

What is your favorite travel destination, either past or future?

I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland, and was able to meet much of my grandmother’s family. It’s a beautiful country with great people and if you have a chance to go, you should take it!

									 Kate Connor
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