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Celebrating Black History Month

Contributions to Public Administration: Jennifer Brinkerhoff

Spotlight on Dr. Jennifer Brinkerhoff's Contributions:

I am a co-author of The Young Black Leader's Guide to a Successful Career in International Affairs: What the Giants Want You to Know (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2022), with Aaron S. Williams and Taylor A. Jack. The book is modeled as an intergenerational dialogue between my co-authors and with the Black American giants who blazed a trail in international affairs.

With support from the Hewlett Foundation, I am leading the Generations Dialogue Project, for a more representative American foreign policy. We are taking the lessons from The Young Black Leader's Guide to high school and college students, replicating intergenerational dialogues before these live audiences and providing participants copies of the book.

We recently did an event at Dacor, co-sponsored by the USAID Alumni Association, targeted specifically to mentors. We want more people who mentor to know about these important resources--both the book and our introductory video, so more young people can benefit.

									 Young Black Leaders Guide
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