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Academy Honors Don Wortman

The National Academy of Public Administration honored Albuquerque resident, Don I. Wortman on November 12th by naming its Executive Board Room in his honor. The Academy recognized Wortman for this honor based on his years of public service to the Nation and to the Academy.

Wortman served 27 years in federal government agencies including the Atomic Energy Commission, the Office of Economic Opportunity (federal anti-poverty program), Health Care Financing Administration (precursor to the Centers of Medicaid/Medicare Services), Social Security Administration and the Central Intelligence Agency. In several of these posts, he was directed to take over running them as political appointees left for other positions. In this regard, he was an exemplar of the federal career Senior Executive Service whose members serve as elite executives and leaders who are expected to move between programs and agencies as issues and challenges arise.

Following his retirement from the CIA in 1981, Wortman served as a consultant at the General Accountability Office. He joined the Academy in the early 1980s where he served until 1995.

In his role at the Academy, Wortman advised and worked with many federal agencies bringing his superb leadership skills to assist literally hundreds of federal executives.

In honoring Wortman, Academy CEO and President, Dan G. Blair, stated, “At a time when public servants are often caught up in partisan bickering and cross currents in Washington, it is critically important to remember that these hardworking leaders are the ones who make the government work. It is therefore a great honor to recognize one of these public servants, Don Wortman, who served so many, in so many places over his long career.”

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									 Wortman boardroom
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